Get 9 Official LG G3 Wallpapers On Your Phone Now

Download all 9 official LG G3 wallpapers now. More and more applications, features and wallpapers are being released from the official firmware of the new LG G3. Before, a few applications such as the keyboard, launcher and weather widget have been ported to other Android devices. This time, you can enjoy official wallpapers of the LG G3.

There are 9 beautiful wallpapers you can choose from. As always, the first picture is the one which is set as the default wallpaper on the LG flagship device. It has two main colors: Light brown on the bottom and blue on the top. The entire wallpaper shows the beautiful blue sky with thousands of stars.


Other 8 wallpapers are also nice. Most of them are abstract but there are a few landscape pictures which are very beautiful. There is a photo which shows an amazing sunset in a lake, another one shows the top of the mountains and the other one is a simple picture of the earth.

If you want to download all 9 official LG G3 wallpapers, get them here.Once you have downloaded it, extract the zip file and all wallpapers will be inside.


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