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Download LG G4 Apps For LG G3 (Ported APK & ZIP)

lg g4 ported apps apk
Now that the LG G4 has been finally announced by the company, developers are in a rush porting applications to other devices such as...

Install QuickBoot Mode on CyanogenMod 12 & 12.1 ROM

quickboot cyanogenmod 12
QuickBoot is a neat feature that allows your phone to boot noticeably faster compared to when it is disabled. Basically, QuickBoot is a software...

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Lock Screen (APK & ZIP)

galaxy s6 lock screen
Have you ever wondered how is it like using the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6? You will be able to find out very soon....

Download Samsung Galaxy S6 Keyboard APK

galaxy s6 keyboard apk
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting a lot of attention from power users as well as from developers. It comes with a higher resolution...

Download HTC One M9 Sense 7 Keyboard APK

htc one m9 keyboard apk
The HTC One M9 comes with a much more improved Sense 7 user interface and Android 5.0 Lollipop. This year, HTC focused on improving...

Download All Samsung Galaxy S6 Apps APK & Wallpapers

galaxy s6 apps apk
The Samsung Galaxy S6 has taken the spotlight in the Android scene, leaving behind other flagship devices like the HTC One M9. The reason...

Download & Install Galaxy S6 Apps on Galaxy S4 (APK Ported)

galaxy s6 apps apk ported
You heard it right. You can download and install the official APK files of Samsung Galaxy S6 apps on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The...

Install Galaxy S5 Toolbox On All Android Devices

galaxy s5 toolbox ported
The Samsung Galaxy S5 is without any doubt one of the best phones of 2014 even though users didn't give many positive reviews. But that's...

Enable Galaxy S5 Lock Screen “Particle Effect” on Galaxy S4

galaxy s5 lock screen galaxy s4
Samsung has become the largest Android manufacturer in just a few years. Since Android OS took off a couple of years ago, Samsung did...