Fix LG G3 Overheating High Temperature Problem

Fix high temperature overheating problem on the LG G3. Many LG G3 units are experiencing overheating issues. The LG G3 has everything that a high-end smartphone should have. It has a gorgeous QHD display, super fast Snapdragon 801 chipset, a lot of software features and also good build quality.

The phone is built with plastic materials but when held in hand it feels like it is made out of aluminum like the HTC One M8 and iPhone. However, the plastic body not only feels like aluminum but it also acts like that, in a bad way.

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It is a known fact that plastic does a better job when it comes to preventing overheating on a smartphone. Metallic smartphones suffer a lot more from high temperatures than plastic non metallic devices. The LG G3 is one of them. And because it has a fast processor and a huge high-resolution screen, it overheats a lot and suffers from high temperatures.

The overheating problem is especially noticeable while watching YouTube videos, playing a game or calling someone. Before considering returning your LG G3 to the store, read the possible solutions below to solve LG G3 overheating problem.

lg g3 high temperature

1. Factory Reset

The first thing every smartphone owner should do when its phone has problems is a factory reset. A factory reset erases all installed applications and mods and returns the phone to its factory settings. This will fix the overheating problem which could be caused by an app or installed mods.

To make a factory reset on your LG G3 go to Settings > General > Backup & Reset> Factory data reset > Reset phone> Erase. This will automatically erase everything on your LG G3. Another way to reset your phone is to boot into Recovery and select Wipe data.

2. Check processor frequency

You have the opportunity to increase the processor frequency of your phone. This is called overclocking. Overclocking is good because it increases the performance of the LG G3 and games don’t lag at all. But overclocking also causes rise of temperatures which leads to overheating.

If you have overclocked the processor of your LG G3, lower the frequency to prevent overheating.

3. Cases

A big bulky case can cause overheating. Smartphones need air to release all the heat the processor creates but when there is a case all the heat is stuck inside. Find a case which protects the phone and it is slim at the same time.

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4. Lower the brightness

The brighter the screen is, the bigger are chances that the LG G3 will overheat. A bright screen produces a lot of heat alone not to mention the heat of the processor. If you are in closed ambient, lower the brightness as much as possible.

Download CPU Temp from the Play Store to measure the battery and processor temperature of your LG G3.