Why Your Phone Isn’t Supported By Towelroot

Why Towelroot doesn’t work on every Android phone variant and Android operating version. Towelroot is the latest and one of the best methods for rooting your phone. Normally, to root your Android phone you need to have a computer, the phone and also a few programs downloaded and installed on your PC.

Then you need to unlock the bootloader and flash a rooted kernel. This is the oldest method which has worked on every phone. The downside of this method is that it requires a computer. If you don’t have a PC you can’t root your phone. But Towelroot has managed to do this.

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The creator of Towelroot has discovered an exploit on Android OS which makes it possible to root the phone without having to use a PC. Towelroot uses this exploit to root the operating system directly from the phone. This method works on many Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3, S4 and Nexus devices.

It has been tested and it is certain that it works on these devices but theoretically it should work on every phone that has the exploit. But even though it should work on many devices, there have been many reports saying that it doesn’t work. There are a few reasons why it doesn’t work on your phone.

1. Phone variant

First of all you should see if your phone is compatible with Towelroot. Go to the official program thread and see if your phone is listed there. Even if your phone has the right Android version but it isn’t supported,  it will not work.

2. Android version

As mentioned above, Towelroot only works with a certain Android and kernel version.  The developer has mentioned that the application works only on phones which have kernel build date before June 3. If the kernel date is after June 3 and your phone is supported it should work. It doesn’t work on newer versions because kernels have patched the exploit and Towelroot is unable to root the phone.

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If you have checked everything above and think your phone is supported, go here and see how to root your phone with Towelroot.


  1. I have Galaxy s4. 4.4.2 Kit kat I’ve tried all the codes in towelroot and still says phone isn’t supported. I don’t have laptop till next month any tips?

  2. i have a ezee tab 10d 11-s from storex i tried the 1thr, 3thr code and my tablet crash. just pressing the reset botton i can restart the tablet . pls help me irealy needd it rooted

  3. Hi !!! ☺☺ I’m using Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530H and tried all the code but still it says “Phone isn’t currently supported”. Please work for it. Thanks. Kernel 4.4.4 Kitkat Nov 28

  4. Galaxy tab pro 8.4 w/4.4.2 KitKat. Sm-t320. Build mid 2015. Cannot root/ not supported. I don’t know what number combinations to use to change mod strings or if tell route just is unable to route my tablet.


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