5 Things That Suck On The Samsung Galaxy S5

Here are 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 sucks. The S5 is Samsung’s flagship device for 2014 and like every other devices, it has its goods and its bads. It has an amazing Super AMOLED display, good battery life, dust proof and water-resistant body and it is packed with a lot of software features.

Even though it is an excellent device with a lot of pros, it also has its cons. Here are 5 things that suck on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Note that the reasons below are personal. Not all will agree with them. What a person finds useful, another one might find it bad and not good.

Reason 1. Speaker Volume


The Samsung Galaxy S5 speaker is weak. Even when you play a song on full volume, it is low and it sounds like someone is covering the speaker. When compared to a device which has top-notch speakers like the HTC One (M8), the Galaxy S5 speaker sounds low quality. A big factor for this maybe is the fact that the Galaxy S5 is dust proof and water-resistant. Maybe this affects the speaker volume.

Reason 2. Covered Ports


Speaking of water-resistant body, some of the ports of the phone such as charging port are covered to prevent water from getting into the device. Even though it is a good thing because it prevents water from destroying your phone, they usually become very annoying.

Having to remove the flap every time you charge your S5 is just annoying and not pleasant. Also, after you have charged your phone, when you unplug it, a warning pops up reminding you to close the flap. It is useful the first two times but it becomes displeasing to see it every time you charge your phone.

Reason 3. Build Quality


The Galaxy S5 doesn’t have a bad build quality at all. The plastic body makes for a removable back battery cover. However, it is still made out of plastic. It feels low quality when compared to its rivals such as the HTC One M8, iPhone 5S and Sony Xperia Z2 which have amazing body quality made out of aluminum and glass. Also, the pattern of the back cover looks ugly and doesn’t make for a premium device.

Reason 4. Touchwiz User Interface


The GS5 has a blazing fast 2.5 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM. Yet is lags and stutters when navigating in the launcher and different parts of the system. Why? The answer is simple: Touchwiz. Since it has so many features, applications and options, it is a power-hungry UI.

It makes a beast of a phone such as the S5 to lag even on the most basic things such as scrolling in different apps. Touchwiz really prevents the power of the phone to really show off. Here is a tutorial how to make the launcher faster.

Reason 5. Fingerprint Scanner


It is obvious that Samsung included a fingerprint scanner just to compete with the Touch ID feature on the iPhone 5S. Even though they both are fingerprint scanners, they do not work the same way. On the iPhone 5S you simply have to put your thumb on the home button and you are done.

The phone is unlocked. On the Galaxy S5 however, you have to swipe your finger down perfectly well, otherwise it won’t work. So, to unlock the S5 using the fingerprint scanner, you need to use both of your hands. One hand to hold the phone and the other hand for the finger.

Here are top 5 things that suck on the Galaxy S5. What don’t you like on Samsung’s flagship device?


  1. OK. FIRST: every time I type in portrait mode I ALWAYS seem to indeliberately end up touching one of the buttons on either side of the home key. the fingerprint issue bugs me as well. I happen to like the cover over the charge port but the pop-up annoys me too. The lag is INFURIATING. I EXPECT this device to travel in TIME with respect to what’s under the hood. Aside from the amoled screen the unintended “features ” of this product just may be deal-breakers for me. I have only a couple of days to change my mind. I keep trying to convince myself that I got the ‘correct’ phone for my likes. I hesitate, though, to pick up the 5S because it is now ‘obsolete’. oh and that unintentional button pressing doesn’t just occur when typing. The side buttons are also unstrategically placed. are my answers right here in front of me?

    • The decision is yours. You are the one who is going to use the device for the nest year. I would recommend to try other devices like the HTC One M8 and see if it is a better handset for you. As for the 5S, if it fulfills your needs, it doesn’t matter if it is “obsolete”.

  2. The cover for the charging ports has broken off on my S5 already, it always looked flimsy, I have to remove it up to 20 times per day as I need to charge it in my car. My provider Vodafone have informed that it is not covered by the warranty!?
    This noe means that I have to make sure I keep it with me at all times. As without this cover the phone is no longer dust and waterproof.

  3. how come the S5 earpiece volume is so low? Can hardly hear people speak and I have it set to the MAX volume. Can it be increased.? Am I missing a setting somewhere?

  4. I got my S5 for $70.00. At that price I really don’t have that many things I don’t like. I agree the volume is low without a booster app and to me, listening to music it sounds like crap. I consider myself somewhat of an audiophile and have a great sound card and surround speakers with sub for my desktop and about $4,000.00 invested in my media room. The phone is useless to play music on after having such excellent reproduction on hand. I also hate the cover for the charging port. Half the time I have to remove the back cover just to access it. The quick time my battery is discharged is a pain too. But like I said, I got it for $70.00 and never got it to play music with. I think it is quite the bargain overall considering the price of a new release phone.


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