Reasons Why Super AMOLED Is Better Than LCD Displays

Reasons why Super AMOLED displays are a lot better than LCD displays. Devices with Super AMOLED displays are quite new to the market compared to devices which are equipped with LCD displays. AMOLED screens are mainly found on Samsung Galaxy devices starting with the Samsung Galaxy S and continuing to the Samsung Galaxy S5, then the Galaxy Note and now the Galaxy Note 3.

Not to forget latest Samsung tablets, Galaxy Tab S which have the best tablet screen ever. By many, Super AMOLED displays have been considered as the best displays and are a lot better than the traditional LCD screens. Yet, many people are hesitating to switch from their LCD devices to a Super AMOLED phone.

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If you are also hesitating, here are 5 reasons why Super AMOLED is a lot better than LCD.

amoled better than lcd

1. Super deep blacks

One of the biggest advantages AMOLED has over LCD are the super blacks. When a black image is displayed, the phone screen with the AMOLED display will be totally black because the pixels are all turned off. On LCD displays, the screen will be gray instead of black because the backlight unit is still on producing light.

2. Better battery life

Phones with AMOLED displays have better battery life than phones with LCD displays. Since blacks on AMOLED are totally black, they doesn’t use battery at all. LCD displays use a lot of battery because even though the screen is off, the backlight unit is still on, and that unit uses a lot of battery life.

3. Wider viewing angles

AMOLED displays have wider viewing angles. Every time you watch your phone from a certain angle, the photo or whatever the phone is displaying will not lose the colors and will be as vivid as when looking it straight. LCD screens have worse viewing angles. Even when you watch the screen from a small angle, it will look washed out and grainy.

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4. Deeper contrast

Deeper contrast means sharper and more detailed pictures. If you are watching a movie with dark scenes, LCD displays will not show 90% of the scene because of the low contrast while AMOLED displays will show the entire scene.