towelroot not supported phone update

Towelroot is the future when it comes to rooting Android smartphones. Towelroot makes the rooting process a lot easier. Before you had to download different files on your computer, install a dedicated program, connect your computer to your phone and then root it.

Towelroot makes it possible to root your Android smartphone without even having to use a computer thanks to an exploit developers have recently found. The creators of Toweroot claim that this method can root all modern Android smartphones. However there are a few unsupported devices that normally cannot be rooted with Towelroot and every time you try to do so you get the following warning: This phone isn’t currently supported by Towelroot.

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The problem is with the modstrings which modify the exploit parameters in order to root different Android devices. If current modstrings don’t support your device, you can easily manually change them and make your phone compatible with Towelroot.

If your phone isn’t supported, when you open Towelroot and press the “Make it rain” button it says that the phone isn’t currently compatible. To change the modstrings, open the Towelroot application and tap three times “Welcome to Towelroot v3” sign. This will open a white box under “Make it rain button” where you have to type one of the following codes.

Code 1. 1337 0 1 0 4 0

Code 2. 1337 0 1 7380 4 0

Code 3. 1337 0 1 0 4 1

The first code is the standard one and should work for most of the devices. If the app says your phone isn’t supported, type the first number and then press the root button. If the first code doesn’t work and you have a Samsung Galaxy device, try the second number.

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The second code should work with almost all new Samsung Galaxy devices. Again, type the number and press the root button. The third code is universal. It can root any modern Android device but it is a temporary root. So you will lose root access when you reboot your phone again.

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  • Jae

    I tried all three codes but it does not work

    • Hi Jae, what phone do you have?

      • popolvuh

        Same as here, didn’t work. I have XPERIA U

        • Xperia U is not compatible with the Towelroot.

        • Xperia U is not compatible with the Towelroot.

          • Ta’liicia

            Hey i have a galaxy note 2 n7100 4.4.2
            kernel – tue may 6 2014
            And i tapped on the welcome to towel root like 3 times then put a code in and it said ensure that you have internet. I dobt really get what i have tobdo but hope u do. So could you help? Or is this just impossible for me to do? Thnx~

  • jason

    I tried all 3 and it didn’t work either. Running verizon samsung s5. There was a recent verizon update this week that I made the mistake of letting it update. Perhaps that is why? Any known fix?

    • Towelroot only works with firmwares which have the exploit. Any new updates will patch the exploit and then it isn’t possible to root the phone anymore.

      • jason

        Ok. But it’s possible to downgrade the firmware and then root the phone. Of course I won’t do the update again.
        Sound about right?

        • You can downgrade and then root it but it will trigger KNOX.

          • Erik

            How do you downgrade the firmware and what does triggering the KNOX mean?

          • Follow the link on the comment above to downgrade. Triggering KNOX will avoid the warranty of your phone.

  • kamau

    How do I down grade I have the same issue as Jason along with the same retailer verzion I also have the new update as well how can I downgrade

  • kamau

    are u sure that will unistall the update

    • Yes, if you select a very old firmware during the process it will uninstall the update. But keep in mind that it will void the warranty because of KNOX.

      • jason

        I think I am taking mine back to best buy to swap it. After this update I am seeing battery life draining faster as well as the camera failure message. Reboot and the camera works again but I don’t feel I should have to do this all the time.

        • kamau


          • You can return your phone for another one if it has problems and you are not satisfied.

      • kamau

        i dont understand how to uninstall the update i dont see the right firmware i have sm-g900v 4.4.2 and i dont see it need help
        and what should i do about the country i dont see usa

  • kamau

    and i have SM-G900V 4.4.2

  • Roman

    I have a Nexus 7 2012 an it doesnt works. What should I do? My Kernel is labeled as March 13

    • What version of Android are you running on your Nexus 7?

    • What version of Android are you running on your Nexus 7?

      • Roman


        • Looks like not many devices are supported. The official Towelroot page says that latest Samsung phones and Nexus 5 are officially supported. Other devices might not work.

          • Roman

            Thanks, i knew this I just thought someone made to root it this way

  • Wax Rivera

    cant root a 4.4.2 s4 i9505. tried all codes and all say device currently isnt supported.

  • Razvan

    where to tap the number ?

    • Quickly tap a few times “Welcome to towelroot v3” sign.

  • Darealyst

    I have a verizon galaxy s5 and none of the codes worked for me

    • What is your kernel date?

      • Darealyst

        I dont know what that means

        • Go to Settings > About Device and check the kernel version. The date is inside there.

          • Darealyst

            July 17th

          • Darealyst

            Thursday, July 17th

          • It doesn’t work because the kernel is newer than June 3 and the exploit has been patched.

  • JReh

    yeah i tried all the codes..and they didnt work.

  • Kanye Wot

    I have s3 mini and still carnt root helpp:(

  • andy

    Doesn’t work. Tried all the codes on my zte unico either reboots my phone or just crashes towel root.

    • Hi Andy, as mentioned above, Towel root doesn’t support all devices. Another thing you should see is the kernel date.

  • Andrew

    I have a note 2, kernel version is may 23rd none of the codes worked?

  • For everyone who is saying it doesn’t work. Read the official page of Towelroot and see what devices are supported.

  • Sheepyhead

    How long is this supposed to take? I’m on a Galaxy S3 I9300, and using the second code makes the app freeze for an indefinite time. I’ve force closed it and retried, rebooted a couple times, now I’m just gonna let it lie for a bit to see if it goes through with the rooting

  • Kutil55

    Hello, I bought my SGS5, rooted with this tool (thanks to developers) (KNOX 0x0)
    But I did wipe/factory reset and since that phone was saying “it doesn’t work”
    Nothing helped.. But… I tried to flash official ROM from
    KNOX 0x0 after flashing official ROM too…
    Thanks to all who developed Towelroot and good luck to others….

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with us Kutil.

  • charlo

    Hello Naldo,
    First of all, you do great work! Secondly, I am posting here because I have been trying to use towelroot but it keeps saying “device not currently supported”. I received my Verizon S5 just yesterday after it was repaired by Samsung. It was rooted before and mistakes were made when it was and so I had to get it repaired. I would like to have it rooted once more. Can you help? Thanks.

    • Hello Charlo. Has Knox been triggered on your phone?

  • Albert Ansiso

    Hello all, I have a galaxy s5 active from att, and I have tried all the midst rings and still getting “phone isn’t currently supported” any idea would greatly be appreciated

  • James

    I have a galaxy star plus s7262 and the date of kernel is April 21. It is possible that towelroot work on my device? (I will not test now because I’m at work, hehe)

  • Tony Darcy

    I tryed All options and it says this phone is not supported. I own a quad core pendopad [cheap tablet $80 australian, bought from target] running android 4.4.2. i want to root this so i can play around with it. Does anyone know how to fix this app or another one i could try?

  • F3lton

    Hey, any idea how to root 3.4.0-2309103 s4 my friend?

  • lucio

    hello my phone is a s3 I747 and it doesnt work… is there a way to fix it?

  • masterpad

    please, is this work with Note3 N900 (exynos version)?

    • masterpad

      i’m on android 4.3

  • zevi

    None is working with sm-g900h

  • dnglo90

    did not work galaxy note 2, 4.3 vers, kernel Nov 19 2013……any suggestions

  • YoshiFanNerdGamer

    I have tried all 3 codes and none of them work. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with a kernel that is before June 3rd so it should work but it doesn’t, help?

  • HelpImDying

    Mine says ensure you are connected to the internet although I am.

  • whoiscurtiswall

    My kern date is may 8..and I tried all three codes on note 2..cant get it to work

  • Jack

    My kernel is Thusday ,Feb 28 and my android version is 4.1.2 and its shows phone not supported ,when i click quickly a few times ont the name nothing happens :/

  • TheAnimeAddict07

    it says my phone isn’t currently supported…before it worked… but because i updated my phone with the new Baseband Version – I747MVLUFNH2 – it doesn’t work…. i think this is the latest update still 4.4.2 tho

    • The new update has patched the exploit.

      • TheAnimeAddict07

        do u know when towelroot’s gonna work or an update to fix it or something?

        • Alexander Viesca

          Does your play store work? After I updated while rooted, it won’t let me sign in too my Gmail and play site saying no connection

          • Have you tried to wipe app data and cache?

          • TheAnimeAddict07

            yup, everything is fine

        • There’s nothing that can be done by Towelroot unless a new exploit is found.

      • YaBoy_Wayne

        I’m having the same problem after an update my phone unrooted and towelroot won’t let me root again, is there any other SIMPLE Way I can Root my Galaxy S3 Boost Mobile Again?

  • tirenvay

    dont work …. its working

  • PluMiN Canxa

    it just stucked… does it happen to take longer period of time?

  • luciddreamer17

    it says my phone isn’t currently supported…before it worked… but because i updated my phone with the new Baseband Version – I545VRUFNG6 – it doesn’t work…. i think this is the latest update still 4.4.2 tho

  • angel

    Its now working I have a galaxy s5 and tried all 3 codes but It just says tour device is not supported

  • 3D Comedy

    No longer works on my Galaxy S4, and none of the codes work.

  • Xubham Tmngz

    M using xolo a500club after upgrading to 4.4.2 my phone ain’t root in need help

  • IronHide

    Was working two days ago on my galaxy s4. But after my phone updated when I connected to wifi I can not get it to re root. I have tried the three different codes and several others trying to get it to root again. Any help would be appreciated. The phone is a Galaxy s4 with AT&T.

    • YaBoy_Wayne

      Same! After the update it says My phone isn’t supported on my Galaxy S3 for Boost Mobile!

      • Todd Fletcher

        Have you found anything to work with the L710?

        • YaBoy_Wayne

          Yes. I just went to Chainfire autoroot and it rooted my phone.

    • raj

      same! after the update it says my phone isn’t supported on my galaxy grand 2

  • liorde

    What can work with the Note 3? SM-N9005 international version?
    4.4.2 kitkat.

  • fershizzle

    yeah same thing. just saying my phone isnt supported even after using all codes

  • silver

    After I accidentally updated my s4 to 4.4.2, I9505ZHUFNK2, it no longer works…. Please help

  • marine

    Does anybody know why phone still dosn’t work i tried all codes?

  • Me

    Tried all 3 codes. None working. Mine is Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900 with 4.4.2 android, Firmware N900XXUENJ3

    • Oussama Özil

      me too

  • nitro

    so where i put that code for working?

  • Mark

    Same here tried all 3 and none are working GS4 4.4.4


    I have a samsung galaxy S3 NEO GT-I9301I none worked

  • Josh Redwood

    Doesn’t work on my S4

  • ross

    Wont work on my S5 either, followed the steps shown and entered all 3 codes, none worked!!!

    • jon

      I have an s3 and none will work

    • tes

      It’s because it won’t work with the new kernels.

  • Lascho Lovari Mantequilla

    It dosnt work on my galaxy s3 with 4.3 my kernel is jan 20 2014 but still phonee not supported

  • Billie D

    doesn’t work on the nexus 4 lollipop at all.

    • Karan

      How did you root it, finally?

  • Hal

    Doesn’t work on LG L70, I tried the first code and it was already in.

  • Scaf

    my 4.4 kitkat isn’t supported how do i fix dis?

  • Kkkk

    Not work, tested all codes :'(

  • Enik Milla.

    Has anyone found out a way to root a Kyocera Hydro Vibe.
    Please help.

    • mike

      Any luck yet?

  • Asjad

    It does Not works on Samsung galaxy s5…… currently it says your device is not supported

  • j

    Ho do u root HTC desire 510

  • mike

    Any answer for kit kat?

  • Nils Bettermann

    nothing works…

  • Hajja Maryam Ali

    I have a Kindle FIre HDX 7, was following a video, but to the error message that my (not) phone was not supported. tried all the codes. any thing else i can do? thanks.

  • Jayvee McDaniels Maniri

    Hi !!! I can’t root my device with this rooting app. It appears “Phone isn’t currently supported

  • Jayvee McDaniels Maniri

    I used Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime sm-g530h

  • Tiger1711

    I cannot root the little button goes orange and then doesnt do shit

  • Slord

    i tried all 3 optional code but didnt help me root my ph(samsung galaxy s3)

  • Breathe as a verb, breath noun

    Thanks a lot….I put in the third code on my S4 and it still says it’s unsupported.

  • Sydni Louie

    I have an S5 and none of them worked. S5 is supposedly supported

  • LOL

    How weird. I am on a Samsung S5 and when I try the second code my towelroot just becomes unresponsive and forces me to close it.

    • Arlo Colvard

      Same thing happens plz fix

  • gido5731

    on my samsung nook it does nothing when i type in the codes

  • isaiah

    I put all your codes in but it did not work all 3

  • Dark Knight 29

    none of the codes works still saying isnt currently supported

  • Pavle

    Why cannot root S3 Neo I9301I 4.4.2 ????Android not supported

  • Sam

    I clicked it 3 times and nothing happened, I have a Droid Maxx

  • Jan Christoffersen

    Not as simple as that. Geohot himself explains how to play with those numbers, and if you are willing to, eventually you will be able to root it. But there is many numbers to go through and my device froze trying the first one here.

  • Troy

    None of them worked 🙁 Are there any other codes??

  • Antonio Garcia Mercado

    Hi all, do you know if can i root my cellphone with towelroot, if my note 3 have android 5.0? it said not supported..


    • Jennifer Duncan

      I’m not sure about the Note 3 running 5.0, but the Verizon Galaxy S5 running 5.0 cannot currently be rooted without downgrading to Kitkat 4.4.2. I recommend reading threads in the various Android forums to find a solution to your problems. I did a LOT of reading to find my solution, but you’ll need to find some answers that are specific to your device.

  • boss5733

    None of these codes work with my Exynos Galaxy S3, i get the same error “phone not supported”

  • AlbyKaiser

    non funziona


    how to press root button????

  • fdssl

    For anyone planning to post a “won’t work, help” comment, yes, it won’t work for newer kernels dated past 2014 June. Geohot is working for Google now so towelroot will never get updated, and either you root it the hard way or you flash an older ROM.