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Why iPhone 6 Plus Aluminum Bends Easily Explained

You all have heard it now that the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends very easily. Basically, everything started a few days ago when...

Why Your Phone Isn’t Supported By Towelroot

Why Towelroot doesn't work on every Android phone variant and Android operating version. Towelroot is the latest and one of the best methods for...

Reasons Why Super AMOLED Is Better Than LCD Displays

amoled better than lcd
Reasons why Super AMOLED displays are a lot better than LCD displays. Devices with Super AMOLED displays are quite new to the market compared...

5 Things That Suck On The Samsung Galaxy S5

Here are 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S5 sucks. The S5 is Samsung's flagship device for 2014 and like every other devices, it...

5 Reasons iPad Air (iPad 5) Is Worth Buying

iPad Air is the latest tablet from Apple and it probably has the biggest changes since the first-gen iPad. All the previous iPads had...