Increase Xperia Z2 Speaker and Headphones Volume

The Sony Xperia Z2 has two powerful front facing speakers . They are very loud and actually are able to outperform dual BoomSound speakers of the HTC One M8 and M7. Nonetheless, smart phone speakers are never loud enough. There are some noisy places like stores and streets where you can’t hear the music which is playing or the other person during a phone call.

One of the best things about Android is that you can easily edit system files, even those which are responsible for the audio. Now, you can increase the dual speaker and headphones volume with a simple mod. The mod increases the volume of the main speakers, small speaker when you call someone and increases the volume of the headphones too for the best audio quality possible.


The best thing is that even though the volume is dramatically increased, the audio quality is not distorted. So you enjoy higher volume songs without any quality loss.

Download Sony Xperia Z2 speaker volume boost mod here.

Before installing the mod, make sure your phone is fully rooted and it has a custom recovery installed. If you have those two, then simply flash the zip file through Recovery Mode and you are done. When you reboot the phone next time, you will notice higher volume without any quality loss.



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