How To Safely Remove The Annoying Charging Port Cover On The Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant and dust proof. Because of these two capabilities, the charging port is covered with a flap to prevent water and dust from going in. This cover is a must if you really need ultimate weather protection on your phone.

However, many people don’t even care about the waterproofing capabilities of the Galaxy S5 and find the charging port cover annoying because you have to open and close it every time you need to charge your phone. It is a bad idea trying to remove it by cutting the plastic part which connects the cover with the phone because then there will be a small plastic part inside the phone.


Luckily, you can remove the entire charging port cover without damaging it and you can put it back later if you want to.


Step 1. First of all, remove the back cover of the device.

Step 2. There are two screws on the bottom back of the phone which hold in place the charging port.

Step 3. The left screw is responsible for holding in place the charging cover. Unscrew it and carefully lift up the plastic part and remove the charging cover.

Step 4. Then, tighten the screw, put the back cover on again and you are done.

Now, your Galaxy S5 won’t have the annoying charging port cover and you can replace it anytime you want.


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