Improve LG V30 Audio & Enable DTS 3D Surround Sound

You can now improve the sound quality of your LG V30 even more thanks to DTS:X. This feature was released via a software update for this particular phone but looks like LG did not do a good job at implementing it. DTS:X is a new audio codex for LG devices and is very similar to Dolby Atmos. It has a few software tricks to improve the listening experience. It tags the sound sources with a location in a 3D environment, and it gives a surround sound effect.

According to the forum users, LG included DTS in the update of November 2018. Apparently, this feature does not appear as a separate feature and cannot be turned off or on. Luckily, you can enable it on your LG V30 by modifying a system file.

lg v30 surround sound mod

The developers have found an easy way to fully enable DTS on your LG V30, so you can enjoy full 3D surround sound. All you have to do is to modify the Build.prop file. Follow the guide below for a detailed process.

How To Enable Surround Sound on LG V30

Note: This is a simple guide that includes a change of line of a file. However, please note that editing or deleting other files might damage your phone, so please be careful. Also, make sure your phone is rooted and has root access.


  • Your phone needs to have the November software update or newer. The November update was the first time that LG included DTS.
  • At the moment, the tutorial only works on US998 V30 variant.
  • Download BuildProp Editor from Play Store


  1. Download BuildProp Editor from the link above.
  2. Open the application and enable Edit Mode.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and add the following line: ro.lge.globaleffect.dts=true
  4. Save the file and reboot your phone.

Once the phone boots up, it will have DTYS enabled. To verify this, go to Settings > Sound. Now there should be a new category called Sound Quality and Effects. Inside there you will see a new option called DTS. That is it. Enjoy 3D Surround Sound on your LG V30.



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