Install Google Camera With Night Sight on LG G6, G5, V30, V20 [APK Port]

When it comes to camera applications, the stock Google Camera is hard to beat. It comes pre-installed on all Pixel devices. More than often, Google includes some handy features which take capturing pictures with a mobile phone to the next level. While Google Camera has always been a popular application, its popularity has skyrocketed ever since Night Sight was introduced.

If you do not know what Night Sight is, it is a camera mode which allows you to take bright pictures even in the darkest environments. This is possible thanks to Google’s advanced software which has some of the most advanced algorithms on the planet. As of now, Google’s Night Sight beats everything else such as Nightscape and HDR+.

The only downside is that Night Sight is exclusive to Pixel devices only. The feature is not activated on other phones that have the Google Camera app. The good news is that developers have been able to port the Google Camera app and enable Night Sight in numerous Android phones.

Developer cstark27 has released a Google Camera app port for the LG G6, G5, V30, V20 and V35. The ported app includes all stock features, as well as Night Sight. The camera app works as expected with no visible bugs. Based on some pictures taken with LG’s stock camera and Google’s Night Sight mode, there is a visible difference between those two. The pictures taken on the LG V30 with Night Sight are more vibrant and more pleasing to the eye.

How To Install Google Camera and enable Night Sight on LG G6, G5, V20, V30

The camera app is a simple APK file. All you have to do is to download the app and manually install it. You do not need root or a custom recovery to install the app. It is that simple.

Download the camera app on your phone. If you have downloaded it on your computer, transfer the file over to your phone. While on your phone, go to File Manager and find the camera app file. Tap on the APK file and select Install. Wait for the installation process to finish. Go to the app drawer and launch the camera app. Go to the settings menu and enable Night Sight.

Now you can take pictures on your LG device using the advanced algorithms of Night Sight. If you have any questions or issues, let us know below.


  1. I have installed the app on an LG G6 and also on an LG V20 and it does work. I don’t know anything about the settings in the settings such as BSG Mod. They seem to be set to Pixel 3 XL Crosshatch. I don’t know if these would be better changed. Also, the front camera doesn’t seem so great but the back one works ok on regular but I guess this does not have the wide angle lens on this app right?

  2. App downloaded but can’t install with a pop out message of parsing error. I am using lg g 6 AT and T with software version H87310e and android version 7. Please help me out. Thank you


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