How To Get Galaxy S5 Theme On Galaxy S2

Download and install Samsung Galaxy S5 theme on your Samsung Galaxy S2. The GS2 is often considered as the best smart phone ever made by Samsung. Actually, it was one of the most popular smartphones back in 2011 and it is used a lot even nowadays.

Because it has so many users, the development support is also huge. Thanks to the users who haven’t abandoned the good old GS2 for a new device, developers have taken the time to theme the system files of the  S2 and make them like the ones on the new Samsung Galaxy S5.


A lot of applications and files have been themed including Quick Settings toggles and Music Player. Here is the full list of all themed applications and files:


Download Samsung Galaxy S5 theme for the Galaxy S2 here.

As usual, to install the theme, download zip files here and flash them in Recovery Mode. Before installing anything, make sure to make a NANDROID backup just to be safe in case something goes wrong or you don’t like the new user interface.


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