How To Fix LG G3 Suddenly Shuts Down, Turns Off Problem

LG G3 is having a weird problem where it shuts down itself without any warnings. This problem has been reported by some users who have said that they have found their phones turned off even though they never pressed the power button to shut them down.

The LG G3 is having a lot of problems lately. Some of the most popular LG G3 problems and fixes are Camera Crash, Keyboard Lag and Bluetooth has stopped warning. Since the LG G3 has probably the best screen, great specifications and plenty of features, one may think that it is the perfect smartphone.

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While it is a great device, it certainly isn’t perfect. As you saw above, the LG G3 has a lot of problems actually even though they can easily be fixed. The latest problem is about the phone suddenly shutting down for no apparent reason. It doesn’t go to Deep Sleep mode but it completely turns off.


LG hasn’t said anything about this and looks like it isn’t a firmware issue which can be fixed with an update. Follow the solutions below to fix the problem on your LG G3.


Most of Android users root their phones and install custom ROMs. These ROMs have the option to overclock, underclock and change the voltage for better performance and better battery life. While most of the users usually overclock their phones, others underclock theirs for better battery life in exchange for worse performance.

Sometimes, the frequency can be set very low which will break the phone and make it to suddenly turn off to prevent any possible damages. If you have underclocked or overlcocked your LG G3 more than the recommended values, make sure to edit them. This will fix the problem.


Sometimes, different installed apps can force the LG G3 to shut down. This might happen when an app causes the processor to operate at its maximum frequency for long periods of time. To prevent overheating, the phone automatically turns off.

The problem is that those apps can stress the phone even when you aren’t using it. Install an application which monitors the CPU usage and find the application which is causing the problem and delete it.

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Remove Battery

The problem can also be battery related. Remove the battery and clean the golden pins. Dirty pins can cause malfunction of the battery which makes the phone to turn off.


  1. When I enable the hotspot on the G3 then after a while it suddenly restarts and then the hotspot is disabled and I have to turn it back on. Also it does not use 4g network, but I have to force it. Thats rather annoying and never happened on my galaxy note 2. I am considering returning this device.

  2. my LG G3 displayed a temp to hot warning and then shut itself off and now its completely unresponsive. Wont charge, or power on, or even reset


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