How To Fix HTC One M8 Bootloop (Stuck at Boot Screen)

Here is the solution for HTC One M8 stuck at boot screen problem or as it is called else, bootloop. If you are experiencing a bootloop on your HTC One M8, this is a good article to read and find out how to fix the problem.    Bootloop is a common thing among Android devices.

This problem occurs when you install bad third party applications, mods or unofficial custom ROMs. When your HTC One M8 is stuck at the boot screen you cannot use your phone at all. Here are a few solutions to the HTC One M8 bootloop problem.

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htc one m8 stuck boot screen fix

Factory Reset/Hard Reset

This method works when you have installed unofficial custom ROMs or bad mods which aren’t supported by your phone.

Here’s how to hard reset your HTC One M8.

1. Press and hold Volume Down button and press once the Power button and keep holding Volume Down button.
2. Bootloader mode will open. Scroll down, find Recovery option and select it.
3. Inside Recovery, select Wipe Data and select Start.This will hard reset your HTC One M8.

Restore the HTC One M8 to stock.

Another thing to do is to restore your phone to stock firmware. Restoring your HTC One M8 to stock firmware will remove root and will make your phone like new and will fix the bootloop problem.

To restore your phone to stock you only need to have the latest TWRP recovery installed and should be S-OFF. If you have these two things, check out our article on how to restore HTC One M8 to stock.

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These are a few simple solutions which will fix the HTC One M8 stuck at boot screen or bootloop problem.


  1. What a stupid response to the stated problem, how in the $%^# can you do any of the recommended fixes if you are stuck at the boot screen and it will access HTC recovery mode,

      • How? I have the issue as Wayne weapon speaks of with no response? Just the standard 12 second hold of the power button shutdown . Would appreciate any kind of help

    • your response is the stupid one. My phone was just stuck in a bootloop and I was able to fix it with his suggestion.

      • i had a slightly different issue but wouldn’t allow me to hard reset as per above. the technique of changing from vol up to vol down worked for me and now I have a working phone (and another in the post after ordering last night). I think its on its last legs anyhow, but it should now be ok for calls for a couple of days.

  2. I had a bootloop problem as well and vol- power didn’t work. The solution I found was to vol+ power which simulates a battery pull and then as soon as the screen powers down immediately vol- power which will bring you to the bootloader screen, then you can reset or go to recovery from there.

  3. I bought the htc one m8 3 days ago, all was ok when i was installing everything but suddenly it went into the white screen. I tried several times to reboot, recover, even tried wiping it all but still shows only that screen. I bought the phone in spain but i’m in argentina. I called the htc service and after trying to wipe it off unsuccessfully they said the best is to return it. Is there any other thing i can try? There is no htc service here in argentina. Pleasee help!

  4. I’ve done this about 20 times. I’ve done factory reset. Nothing will get me out of this stupid screen! What do I do?

    • Hey, I think the issue you’re having is hardware-related. You will have to take the phone apart to fix it though. See here

  5. I always liked HTC, it has been 10 years i use HTC, but after this problem i’m leaving. In my opinion there’s no justification for something so nasty, you have to be a mobile developer to solve this issue, fuck you

  6. For “HTC one mini 2” the solution for entering the Bootloader-mode was:
    After the Startup-Screen freezes (for about 3 minutes) -> press and hold Power & Volume+ buttons until phone goes to Reset (black screen), then immediatelly release thebuttons and press and hold onlythe Volume- button. This enters the bootloader-screen.
    When I’ve tried pressing Power together with Volume- -> this doesn’t work by me.


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