How To Download & Install OTA Updates on Nexus 6 (Rooted)

Downloading and installing OTA updates is not very easy if your Google Nexus 6 is rooted. OTA is the best and fastest way to receive a software update directly on your phone without having to use a computer. But Android is very strict when it comes to OTA updates.

On the Nexus 6 you can download and install OTA updates only if the phone is stock, not rooted and on a stock recovery. Even if you have a stock recovery but rooted, you cannot install OTA updates on your Nexus 6. You might get the notification about the new update but the phone will reboot and fail. OTA updates will always fail if the stock image system has been changed, like in the case of root.

Thankfully, bitpushr has found a way to install OTA updates even if your Nexus 6 is rooted. To install these updates you need ADB drivers and some common knowledge, which you probably have since you were able to root the phone.

How To Install OTA Update on Rooted Nexus 6

To download and flash OTA updates you need ADB drivers and the right files. Get them below.

  • Stock System Image (link)
  • OTA System Image (link)
  • ADB drivers (link)
  1. Download the exact same stock system image that you have on your Nexus 6. Check the build number on ‘About Phone’ and note the first 6 letters. Download the same system image with the same letters from the download link. Extract the zip file and move system.img file to the ADB folder.
  2. Download the right OTA update file that you want to flash on your Nexus 6. It needs to be an upgraded number from your current version.
  3. Turn off the phone and boot into bootloader mode using ADB:
    adb reboot bootloader
  4. Now flash the stock firmware:
    fastboot erase system
    fastboot flash system system.img
  5. Now your phone will be stock and unrooted. Do not worry. Your apps and personal data won’t be deleted. Now you need to flash the OTA file. You can use a stock or a custom recovery.
  6. Turn off the phone and boot into recovery. Select ‘Apply update from ADB’.
  7. Open command prompt and flash the OTA file using this code, where you need to change to the name of the file you are flashing.
    adb sideload
  8. Wait for the phone to reboot.

Your phone will start optimizing all applications. You have successfully installed an OTA update on a rooted Nexus 6. If you want, you can now root your Nexus 6 again by flashing SuperSU.