How To Boot Multiple ROMs on LG G2 With MultiROM

Another Android device has joined the MultiROM family and this time it is the LG G2. MultiROM is a unique tool or program that allows you to boot multiple ROMs at the same time. You can install two ROMs at the same time and then choose which one to use.

When you reboot your phone, boot manager program shows up which allows you to choose which ROM to boot. MultiROM is an excellent mod because it lets you download and install other custom ROMs without removing your current firmware.

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This is very handy when you try new ROMs and don’t want to wipe data and cache because it deletes all installed applications. Many devices have received MultiROM like HTC One M8, Nexus 5, Nexus 4 and OnePlus One. Now, developers have ported MultiROM to LG G2.

dual boot lg g2 multirom

The mod works good and doesn’t have any problems. Adding and removing custom ROMs is very easy once you have installed MultiROM and custom TWRP recovery. You can boot ROMs not only from the internal storage but also from USB drives connected to the phone through USB OTG cable.

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When you have flashed both firmwares, you can select which one to use every time you reboot the phone. Follow the tutorial to learn how to install MultiROM, TWRP and boot multiple ROMs on your LG G2. Please note that this mod is dangerous and can break your phone if you don’t follow the instructions.



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