Install Android 5.0 Lollipop KDZ File on LG G2 (D802)

Good news for everyone who owns an LG G2 with D802 model number. LG has officially released the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for all LG G2 (D802) users and it can be flashed by everyone because it is a KDZ file. KDZ are the files that contain the firmware for LG devices.

Someone noticed the new files on the LG servers and realized that they were based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and were for the LG G2 variant. This means that LG is starting to take software updates seriously. At first, the company released the Lollipop firmware for the LG G3within one month and now, it has seeded the Lollipop KDZ firmware for the old flagship device, the LG G2.

The LG G2 is one of the most popular phones from LG that has increased the popularity of the company by offering a unique design with buttons on the back and the latest hardware possible. When the phone was originally launched in August of 2013, it came with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. A software release updated the phone to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Now it is time to update your phone to the greatest and latest Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware. Since the update is in the form of KDZ file, you need to have a flashing tool. Follow the guide below to learn everything you need to flash Lollipop on your phone.

How To Flash Android 5.0 Lollipop KDZ File on LG G2 (D802)


Download and install LG G2 USB drivers. This way the phone will be able to communicate with the PC.

Go to Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging.

Download LG Flash Tool (source).

Make a backup of the most important data because they will be lost.

Download Lollipop KDZ

Android 5.0 Lollipop KDZ for LG G2

Installation Guide

  1. Download LG Flash Tool zip file and extract it. Launch the Flash Tool program.
  2. Take your LG G2 and boot into download mode. To do so, turn the phone off. Then press the volume up button. While holding the volume up, connect your phone to your PC. Keep pressing the button until you are in download mode.
  3. Go to Flash Tool on your PC and click on “Select KDZ File”. Choose the Lollipop KDZ file.
  4. Select “CSE Flash”.

Now simply wait for the file to get installed and reboot your phone. Enjoy your LG G2 running on official Android 5.0 Lollipop.


  1. hi i have two questions. First, i come from a aosp lollipop ROM, can i still install the KDZ with no problem? Second, is there a way to root the newest version?. Thanks in advance

  2. So, basically I can flash any KDZ file if it is intended for the d802 version, right? Doesn’t matter if it’s the black or white version? Also, there are versions like V30A and V30D and probably there will be V30B and V30C? I don’t want to brick my phone… So, does it cause problems if I install one of the roms no matter the version of the rom? I have the D802 16 GB version btw.

  3. Can you explain what to do with the other options in the flash tool? Just leave them untouched or what? Also, what do I do after I’ve clicked CSE Flash? Press start now? Could you please explain in more detail?

  4. Hey Ronaldo,
    I have a question concerning getting into download mode. I am following your instructions – Volume + pressed and than I connect USB cable but the only thing I get is LG logo and after that battery status. Am I doing something wrong or missed some step?
    Edit: LG G2 D802 [not branded]

      • I also have this issue,I’m press Volume + button,THEN connect the USB and all i can see is LG logo then the battery

      • I also have this problem, I’m holding volume up while plugging in the phone, the LG logo appears then it shows me the battery indicator, all while I’m holding the button

  5. Does these roms for Vodafone have Vodafone’s bloatware or they are clean? I have 32GB D802 and i don’t want Vodafone’s apps since they are not my carrier.

  6. is this KDZ file support greek networks like COSMOTE and WIND or only vodafone?
    and if it is not you khow where i can find any global or EU kdz for all networks?
    thanks a lot for this work
    my friendly regards

        • file mou apo pou vrikes to Android 5 gia to LG G2? Ola ta links pou exw vrei gia katevasma de leitourgoun

          • Σ’ευχαριστώ πολύ φίλε μου. Έχω το LG G2 D802 με Software version D80220d-222-10 (δεν ξέρω αν έχει σημασία αυτό) και από τη σελίδα που μου έδωσες κατεβάζω την Europe Open D80230b.kdz. Όλες οι άλλες είναι διαφόρων άλλων χωρών οπότε θεωρώ οτι αυτη θα είναι ΟΚ.

          • Τίποτα φίλε μου να σαι καλά … Δεν νομίζω να έχεις θέμα με αυτή την έκδοση.. αλλά και να έχεις ενημερωτικά υπάρχουν και άλλες εκδόσεις. Από άλλες χώρες όπως Ιταλία νομίζω και ίσως Ινδια δουλεύουν αρκετά ίδιες συχνότητες με τα δικά μας.

      • I am use it about 4 days nice ui nice performance.thanks a lot sir.
        With root and greenify the battery life is very good.

  7. Hi, Ronaldo! I did exactly everything you wrote here, but, unfortunately, an error happened in 28%, after recognition and the phone’s checking. When the download progress hits 28% (I believe this is the third step)… 🙁
    Do you have any idea of what is happening? Can you help me?
    Current Model D805 – 20a – 16Gb

  8. Ronaldo or somebody, i downloaded KDZ Germany 16 GB on my LG G2 D802. I was using CloudyRom and i updated that KDZ and my phone is writing “ has stopped” 24/7… what can i do now ? please

  9. i just bought lg g2 refurbished. when i go to software update in settings from phone it says u have latest operating system but when i connect to pc through usb cable lg pc suite software says software update available. it says your version D80220b and new version is D80230A upgrade now. what should i do update it or not???

        • Do not Update Khalid! I have Same phone u have bought it from hafeez Cntre Lahore! same scene tha jo Tumhara! Updated via LG official pc suite and My Phone is F**ked! Something Happened to its Touch screen and no one is able to fix it!

        • i did it from lg pc suite yesterday morning and it’s working great . No problems at all . And on top of that I’ve notice a speed improvment for about 8 – 10% , when I’m listening in the earphones to my music, the volume is louder the “face detection” sensor it’s working better and it seems to me that I have a little bit of RAM memory more free…

        • Hi Khalid, Did u update ur phone via mobile support tool? please tell me i got the phone and the same thing is happening to me on mobile software tool it shows update is available but in phone it says u r running the latest OS.??? what did u do?

  10. Hi..I am from Pakistan..i updated my LG G2 by using LG PC Suite…but after that my phone is not starting..only LG logo is shown on my screen. Tell me what to do??

  11. It’s really working for LG G2 D208T.
    And Lollipop is awesome.

    If any one having problem with downloading any file then Please using IDM for downloading. It’s working.

  12. plz help me 🙁 my phone is now stuck on lg logo and the notification light is just keep going on but the phone wont turn on its just stuck on lg logooooooo

  13. i have no recovery no download mode nothing just stuck on lg logo 🙁 plz help me guys i dont want to lose this phone i have lg g2 d802 32 gb

      • Hi guys well i got my phone repared from a shop i tried very hard to unbrick my phone but i couldnt so had to go to the shop but now my g2 is showing me its d800 att 🙁 and now the battery life isnt so good getting 10-12 hours a day and also the signal problem am facing am just thinking maybe at the mobile shop they changed my motherboard and swaped with d800 and now it has d800 motherboard

  14. Hi, I am unable to see the kdz for Indian LG G2 D802. The official OTA update shows the version as D80230B which isn’t available in the links you have shared. My device is stock and never root or customised outside official rom. Pls help with the link to kdz for my device at [email protected].


  15. Hi ronaldo ! i was trying to install but it freeze and its writing :
    Upgrade stopped due to an error
    To try uprgade again , follow the steps below
    1) disconnect the phone from PC and remove the battery from the phone
    2)Insert the battery back and reconnect the phone to pc
    3)turn on the phone
    4) Press the Retry button below to start upgrade.
    But its not working ! my phone is bricked 🙁

    • Same happend to me 🙁 i think this is a fake guied i was stuck on lg logo after trying this method.and i had no download mod no recovery nothing all i could go in fastboot and there would be showing errors then i had to go to a local mobile shop to get my phone repared but instead of reparing they changed the motherboard of my phone before i had d802 now its d800 😀 Do Not try this method u will end up bricking ur phone

      • Hi aadil, all the instructions have been taken from the reliable source XDA (download link).

        Besides that, many users over here at the comments have had success updating.

      • Aadil Slim: Bro u must have a converted/ Refurbished G2 this is the reason u got an error. Now there are almost 99%

        refurbish D802 in market. Try to find out which phone u have first by removing the back of ur phone…

        • Than bro thanx for the great information i just removed the back cover of my g2 it was written d800 🙁 not d802 so it means when i got this g2 the back cover was i had it was for d802 cs :(and the phone was d800 and i tried this method on d800 and my phone got brick 🙁 wish i should have checked this phone nicely before buying

          • Its not ita not your fault bro, market is a full of refurbished phones, just remember do not purchase Samsung htc or lg from market who says its imported and all that shit. Just try to wait a little bit unless u have the money for new box packed. But still of u have g2 the one u bricked it can be un brick with very easy steps

          • Bro, I saw you ordering your phone from mobile4u on Facebook. Have you tried contacting them for misleading you? Lets see what they say

          • I wanted to buy my phone online and it was mobile4u i was trying on but the response was realy bad they wouldnt even call me back for my order and i had to send them msgs like crazy and they were still lazy and then at the end i got a bit doubtful its fake cs a real mobile deallers doesnt do shit like that and then when it was time for them to send the phone a guy on whats app told me to transfer money into his bank account lol like he thought am an idiot and would do what ever he will say 😀 anyway i already had my phone in my hands cs i couldnt wait anymore i went in market and bought my g2 from market

  16. Hi, I have a rooted LG G2 d802 currently running cloudy g2 on kitkat, can I use the same method to flash official lollipop rom ? I have custom recovery installed. and if its not possible suggest me a good lollipop rom for G2 D802, I tried CynogenMod 12 but it decreased speaker volume to 40% and even system shows it 100% its difficult to hear anything out of speaker.

  17. those who have touch issue,touch misbehave,or imei null,unknown baseband can msg me on my whatsapp no +917744894155 i will solve ur issue through teamviewer.



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