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Best applications you can download now that are compatible with Quick Circle LG G3. Quick Circle is a new and interesting case designed for the LG G3. The design concept is the same as Smart Cover for Samsung Galaxy devices. It is a normal case with a front protective material. But the front is not totally covered.

Just like Smart Cover which has a rectangle cutout, Quick Circle case has a circle-shaped cutout. It is used for many things like checking the time, replying to messages and calling people.

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But these are only basic features that the LG G3 has built-in. You can download extra third-party applications from the market which are compatible and will add more functions to the LG G3 Quick Circle case. Here are the best apps you can download

Quick Circle PuppyPOP

lg g3 quick circle game

PuppyPOP is the first game ever created for Quick Circle case. It is a fun little game where you have to match three or more blocks of the same color. You get more points for more blocks matched. If you match five blocks you get a special item.

It is an interesting game that can be played by everyone and no one will notice it because it will look like the phone is turned off because of the case.

Quick Circle Apps

lg g3 quick circle collection app

It is a collection of all stock features of the case. You don’t need to open many applications now. This app is all in one.

  • Quick Torch
  • Quick Music
  • Quick Calendar
  • Quick Notifications
  • Quick Toggles
  • Quick Stopwatch
  • Quick Calculator
  • Quick news
  • Quick Compass
  • Quick Dialer

Download Quick Circle app collection here

Quick Torch

quick torch lg g3 case

Quick Torch is a simple yet useful application. It displays a switch for the LED flash. Simply tap the button and the flash will turn on and off. So you can activate flash directly from the Quick Circle case of the LG G3. The user interface is elegant and simple.

Download Quick Torch here

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Rolex for Quick Circle

rolex watch face lg g3 quick circle

As the name says, it adds Rolex watch face to the case. If you are bored with stock LG skin look, download this module, activate it and you will have a Rolex watch on your LG G3.

Download Rolex watch face here

These were the best and most useful applications for LG G3 with Quick Circle case. If you have any other great recommendations let us know below.

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