Why The iPad Mini 3 Is The Biggest Failure

As you all know already by know, Apple held a conference today where it launched two new iPads, the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3. The iPad Air 2 is a big improvement over the original Air as it has better and faster processor, higher resolution 8 MP iSight camera and new thinner and lighter body.

Apple spent a big part of the event talking about the Air 2 and all its specifications and features. But when it announced the Mini 3, it simply went through some details like new iOS 8.1 version and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

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Everything was going fine but the fact that Apple didn’t cover a huge amount of the new Mini tablet, made many users wondering. A quick search on the internet and everyone learned that the Mini 3 is the smallest upgrade ever.

ipad mini 3 failure review

No it doesn’t just have a slightly faster processor or a slightly better camera. It has exactly the same processor and camera as the iPad Mini 2 which was launched a year ago. Yes, the iPad Mini 3 has the old A7 chipset, 5 MP rear main camera, same size 6470 mAh battery and the same dimensions.

Basically, the only upgrade that the new iPad Mini 3 has over the old iPad Mini 2 is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Other than that, it is exactly the same as its predecessor.

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This is a great time to grab an iPad Mini 2. If you don’t care about the Touch ID feature, you can get a Mini 2 tablet for $100 less than before.


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