Why iPhone 6 Sucks & You Shouldn’t Buy It

Here are a few reasons why the Apple iPhone 6 sucks and you shouldn’t buy it. The iPhone 6 just got announced during Apple launch event and it is going to be the flagship device for this year. But the iPhone 6 wasn’t alone. Apple announced other devices as well like the iPhone 6+ with a 5.5″ display and Apple Watch which many refer to as iWatch.

Of course, the iPhone 6 and 6+ are much better than the iPhone 5s because they have better processor, better displays and new body design. But all the good features of the phones will be covered in another article. This post is all about negative things of the iPhone 6, why it sucks and why you shouldn’t buy it.

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Same old 8 MP camera

iphone 6 camera review

Apple has put the same 8 MP camera sensor on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and now the iPhone 6. Yes, Apple said that pixels inside the camera are 1.5 µm big and it has a f/2.2 but other than that, it is pretty much the same camera you will find on the 5s.

Actually, the iPhone 5s also has a camera sensor with 1.5 µm big pixels and f/2.2 aperture. So the camera is not improved at all when compared to the iPhone 5s and it is slightly better than the 5. A higher resolution camera is great for pictures because you can zoom in without losing quality. But with only 8 MP you will not be able to zoom in a lot without loosing quality on the 6.

Screen resolution

iphone 6 display

Since the display is bigger, the resolution is also higher to keep the same pixel density. The iPhone 6 has an LCD display with resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels and a ppi of 326 pixels per inch. As you can see, the resolution is slightly better than HD but nowhere good as Full HD. And the ppi is the same, 326 pixels per inch.

This maybe was a good thing on the iPhone 4 but not on the 6. Android smartphones have 400 and even 500 ppi displays which are very sharp and clear. Retina display is not bad by no means but it cannot be compared with super dense Android displays.

Battery life

iphone 6 body

The iPhone 6 has a 1,800 mAh battery which is a 230 mAh increase over the iPhone 5s. Honestly, extra 230 mAh will not be enough to power the 4.7″ screen. Apple says the battery life has been improved but until official tests are made, nothing is confirmed.

Still, the iPhone 6 at least should have had a 2,000 mAh battery because 1,800 mAh will not be enough and it will drain very quickly, especially with the new A8 processor.

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iphone 6 official price

As every other Apple device, the iPhone 6 is going to cost a lot of money. If you want to buy the new phone with a contract, you will have to pay $199 for the 16 GB variant, $299 for the 64 GB variant and $399 for the 128 GB variant.

If you want to buy it unlocked without a contract, the price will be even higher.


      • I have always wanted a iphone but my upgrade time never matched when a new one came out, except for this month! But after heavily researching it I decided that the HTC one M8 would be better for right now. I like the iphone 6 plus thin size and retina hd but I’m not sure it’s worth what there charging when I can get virtually the exact same great things from the m8 with a better camera, better design, and much better back AND front speakers(HTC boomsound) for just a 50$ upgrade. While apple didn’t even have the com,on sense after all this time to to install speakers at the front of the phone and finally add a new hd camera.

        But I assume that the next iphone in a year will be better and have the smartphone features worth that price otherwise the iphone 6 plus is just essentialy the “catch-up to android” smartphone.

        • My mother upgraded 2 days ago from her iPhone 4 to an HTC One M8 and couldn’t be happier. She thanks me multiple times a day.

        • That’s what the iphone has always been. Even when android was first released, everyone knew that you could do a lot more with an android. Dont fool yourself. The iphone is the “Catch up to android but not quite” smartphone.

    • Adapt to the market or you will fail. Apple is squirming trying to play catch up with specs and to meet the huge popularity of larger phones. That’s why they released 2 versions.

  1. You wrote “Apple said that pixels inside the camera are bigger”. Where did they say this? Both the 5s and 6 / 6+ have 1.5u pixel size. I advise you edit this.

  2. Apple, the improved elevated app launcher of 2007. What improvement? Wow?, they finally got NFC, welcome to 2014. A SD card slot will follow in 10 years for those who need one. The battery is still cheit and compared to a flagship android or the BlackBerry Passport, this “new” iPhone 6 is still cheit.
    NSA and hackers will love the new iToy.

  3. Finally somebody that knows how garbage phones are… On top of the lame screens and hradware . let me know when u lames can browse ur own files…. IPhone will always be garbage simply for the fact u will always have iOS on em.

  4. You claimed the new processor will drain battery more but it’s 50% more energy efficient than the A7, so battery life will be roughly the same or a tad better than the 5s if you do the math.

    I’m not buying an iPhone personally, just letting you know.

        • Well I guess if you only compare the current iphone to the last iphone, I guess it has better battery life. BUt if you compare the current iphone to its current competitors, the iphone is horrible.

    • why cant they give absolute numbers? With iphone its always percentages and adjectives like better faster lesser.

    • 50 % more efficient , pls give me a break , That is not even close to 50 % . Ur math is wrong and ur stats.

      A8 will draing more energy then A7 AND DOT

    • That’s NOT how battery technology works. And just to let you know, apple will say whatever they want to make themselves as a corporation look good. They throw out statistics like “50% more efficient” “100% crap” and so forth.

      • Wow, you really a giant loser. Because a multi-national gigantic corporation can totally lie about something like that and not get caught by the countless independent reviewers. Are you usually this retarded, or does being stupid come natural to you?

        You are no older than sixteen years old, guaranteed. Every single comment you’ve made has been utterly pathetic unfounded accusations about how Apple is lying with zero proof. Get a new hobby. I feel sorry for you.

  5. if you say iPhone 6 is the best phone you really don’t know much about phones all you really know is about the letter I so have fun being disappointed because it’s really not our competitor due to specs.

  6. All i’m worried about is GHz for the processor, RAM GB, and screen resolution. The rest is filler. Sure the camera sucks and that is not a good sign. Personally, I think apple is just slapping us in the face with these “new” releases. I bought an android phone for 100$ that have a tad worse specs without paying 6 times the price (even though my cameras are better). All these flagship devices are an embarrassment. I’d rather go cheaper, do my research, and settle with a device that is decent but affordable. Instead of paying for this garbage, that yes it is better, but the ratios don’t add up for price to quality. Say the Samsung Galaxy 5 is twice the phone I have, it is 6 times the price. Why should I pay way more for not that much better. If I’m paying 6 times more, I’d expect the device to be 6 time better. Everyone do yourself a favor. Stay away from front runners. You pay more for the name then you do quality.

  7. I’ve been an iPhone user since 2007. However, I am going to make the jump to Nokia.

    I cannot deal with having to charge this thing twice a day. See ya.

        • iPhone is a great piece of hardware. Anyone who says otherwise is a moron. That being said, can one justify the hardware for the price? I don’t know.

          Other than my Lumia 930 now — all my other stuff (literally all of it) is Apple. My router, my iTV, my computer I am typing this on — all of it — Apple. My Windows Phone plays really well with OS X, and to be fair — Windows Phone 8.1 coupled with the Lumia 930 is a great combination. It isn’T perfect — but leaps and bounds better than the iPhone 6.

          • I’m not a moron and the iphone is NOT a good piece of hardware. 3 years ago, the hardware was good, but NOW, it is lagging behind. A DUAL CORE mobile processor was the standard like 3 years ago, 1gb of ddr3 ram was the standard back in 2008. WAKE UP. Stop being a sheep! The iphone hardware is “good” but definitely not “excellent” and definitely not the top in it’s class.

      • I don’t think suck is the right word. I think the correct answer is “have batteries that are too small.”

    • What about apple bricking your phone with an ios update which forces you to buy a new phone? You didn’t get sick of that a couple years ago? I’m surprised you lasted this long.

  8. what a pile of garbage the iphone 6 is … i wonder how many iDiots are gunna jump on this thing, brains off, wallets open, lol.

    • Lol your right. People buy a phone just because it says iphone. Ooooooo. They put a (I) in front of phone.Lol the phones so old. They moved from a 640 display to a 720. Lol. samsungs moving to 2k

  9. It sucks now it has the on off bottom on the side next thing is going to be the isamsung because pretty soon they are going to be the same crap

    • They copied the position of the power button from samsung. Apple gets all their inspiration from samsung.

  10. You pay for both hardware and software. Apple make their products easy to handle with! If you are young person who has a lot of time and interests in tech, you will never buy an iPhone. But if you are older person and you don’t have a time to set your phone and everything you will choose Apple. Especially if you are already Apple client. Communication between apple products is just working: music, photos, docs, emails, calendar and so on are synchronised automatically among Mac, iPad, iPhone. Show me other manufacturer that is doing it so easy as Apple. Sony? Lenovo? Google chrome compared with nexus 5 and nexus 10 are trying to do so but it is not so fluent as by Apple.

    • i used iphone and it just wont let me use the chat feature on FB, just kept asking me to use the separate fb messenger app. When I run it on the android, fb, it just nags me and lets me continue use it all the same.

      Apple can suck my ass.

    • But that’s because you must download and use Apple’s softwate and technology , with android I’m free to use what I want, Google allows me to save all my stuff without haveing to install it’s software on my computer. Iphone is a monopoly, Apple charges you for every little thing and you can’t use anything other then their licensed technology and software because if they aren’t getting money from it you can’t use it with few exceptions. Iphone makes you use their music software, if you want to control your tv with your phone you have to buy Apple tv, if you want a WiFi speaker you have to buy a speaker with Apple air play, so they get money from it because of the licensing fee’s but personally I wouldn’t want to buy a phone with the technology and specs from 4 years ago. If you like the iPhone 6 i would look into the htc one m8 , Apple even adopted its look and style into the iPhone 6. It has a big screen but is slim so it’s easy to hold and use, and I have a Microsoft app that syncs all of my stuff from my phone to my pc. And the m8 has specs far superior to the iPhone, I can even control my tv and stereo without buying expensive after market products, my HTC one m8 also comes with a free app which syncs my phone with my pc automatically, and separates all my files and documents into folders making it easy to find and transfer things. All with out having to download or install software from the company. You may be more familiar with the iPhone which makes you feel like it does these things easier or better but there are android phones such as the HTC which have better options then the iPhone and work quite nicely. The htc one m8 can do great things along Sith having twice the battery life of the iPhone 6 , 3x the ram and speed, a quad processor rather then a single processor, faster charging, much better screen display, an sd card slot which also allows me to take pictures and save documents to the sd card and easily transfer the sd card to another device or put into my pc, or camera to share documents or images , and allowing me to use multiple sd cards, the m8 is probably the closest android phone to the Iphone 6 as far as looks and feel go , as well as capabilities , but the htc one m8 is a far better and has much better specs. I can also share images and documents with anyone else’s phone or computer just by tapping my phone to theirs or to their computer with NFC, which iPhone does not have. If you read into it you will find iPhone doesn’t do things better then other phones as much as you think, you just aren’t familiar with other phones capabilities.

  11. Let me start by saying this is my first iPhone. I boycotted Apple a while ago. Not because I hated the product, at the time of my boycott the iPod touch was brand new. I had 2 stolen from me so I went android. I had the Evo and the Galaxy 3 &4. My s3 was great. My s4? 2 detective phones. Wifi became corrupt and wouldn’t connect. Could I correct the file? Sure. Do I want too? Not really. My boycott ended when I picked up a Mac book for school/music production. It was the popular choice from the ones teaching me. Using the same os made things easier. After dealing with Samsung and they’re defective devices I bought this iphone 6. It syncs wonderfully. The specs are lower than the android phones but you’d never know. This phone performs well, never lags. The battery life lasts far longer and the phone feels much better in my hands then the plastic s4. The s4 performance essentially is comparable to a souped up drag racer on 40′ tires. It just doesn’t go together. I like the idea android has. The app drawer and customizable screens, but until it as fluent as the iOS. I won’t be coming back. Good riddens. Not to mention, there’s an Apple Store willing to help me with any issue should I encounter one. I don’t know of any Samsung outlets like that.

    • So basicly you are saying: I don’t mind to pay 3 times more money on a phone with hardware which is already outdated. (which is the case with the iphone 6) Just as long as it works for me.
      For me there are way better phones (android and windows phone models) which have better hardware, same or more options and a very good build quality and (important!) way cheaper then the extremly high priced iPhone.
      But as mentioned before here: it still is a choice.

      • Nah with the upgrade it was 299 which was a comparable price to the s4. I had to buy that outright at ~549 at the time. I thought I’d hate the lack of external storage but realistically I’ve never gone through a 32 gig card so 64 @ 299 isn’t so bad. And yes, I’m okay with spending money on a reliable product. The phone handles my day to day tasks more quickly then my previous s4. Maybe if I was an intense gamer I’d like the higher specs. But the iOS os flawless for what I need out of a phone, I’ve got a pc for gaming. My only complaint is having to wait for Yosemite.

        • Just wait a year or two and then update the ios which will render your stupid shitty iphone into a brick and then you’ll wonder what’s wrong and apple will try to sell you a new iphone. You might be a sheep and get a new one, or if you’re smart, you will realize that it’s very unethical to force contract upgrades by bricking your phone with an update. Go ahead and be a sheep. You’ll come back to android.

    • Just want to say I think it’s you. Iv been a android user for awhile and never had any problems. I have a note 3 and it’s amazing. I tried my friends iPhone 5s and it was such a peace of crap. The phone does nothing, very boring. there’s no back button (stupid) and the battery sucks. Also the phone didn’t load Web well and there’s like no apps in the store. I’m sorry there’s nothing amazing about that phone special with a none hd display and a shit to camera. I think people buy it for the name thinking it’s this advanced phone and its 3 years behind every other phone. I’d rather have a galaxy s,. Then have a iPhone 5s. It’s junk. My note 3 destroys it in every category. And the note 4 coming out soon I’m all in. With its 2k resolution and it’s amazing camera . Hell ya. I phone6 is crap. It’s on YouTube breaking in half. O. My friend with the iPhone 5 switched over to a note 3. Best move she made she said. She loves it. Apple sells junk for high prices. I’ll never be a sucker.

    • So the ONLY android phone you used was a samsung??? If you use a nexus, htc, or lg, you will find that andrid is FASTER than the iphone 6. And your phone will be bricked in a year or two when apple wants to force you to upgrade.

    • The samsung outlets are in s korea. And i know with as many problems and iphones have you will need to frequent the apple store often.

  12. I have a Samsung Rugby flip phone. It’s been through tthe washing machine twice and hasn’t skipped a beat. It has sms, bluetooth, web browsing, ptt and eveything else you could want.I can wait 3days before I need a new charge. It also takes a micro sd card. What idiot would get an iphone?

  13. It’s curious that you can buy a 32GB pendrive for 20 bucks, but apple charges 100 for the same increase…

  14. By Apple, waste money. Lol iphones bending on youtube. Junk. Who would pay 700 bucks for a phone that bends in your pocket, that has a 720 display, that has no key buttons just that one dumbass button. Who would by a phone with the same camera since 1902.lol. why would you buy a phone that doesn’t do anything. O it does one thing, it sucks the money out if dumb minded people. The ios the ios shut the fuck up. Phone sucks balls. Peace of shit. It takes 150 pounds of pressure to break a note 3. It takes only 70 to break a iphone6 plus. Garbage. Over priced garbage.

      • No he’s smart asshole. Who in there right mind would pay 700 dollars for a phone that
        Bends in peoples pockets
        has the same 8 Megapixel camera from the 4.
        You cant check or replace the battery without replacing the phone
        Battery life cant surpass ten hours
        and is just at this point just copying android with there look.
        there are many better phone options other than this piece of sh*t ( Galaxy S5, LG3, Nokia 920 , and Nokia 1520 . i cant afford one either jackass. dont be Ignorant ya Douchebag.

      • Good grief, just shut up. The iPhone is no more expensive than its rivaling Android counterparts, and in some cases, less expensive. In Sprint and Verizon Wireless, the iPhone 4S is sold at $150.

      • You’re a retarded sheep. Anyone can afford an iphone now that you can get it subsidized. You can be poor and have an iphone. Hell, all the poor mexicans buy them to make themselves feel rich. Apple people are stupid and pompous and stuck up.

        • Yep, I mean they pride themselves for paying the same price for iPhones with the specs of a 4 or 5 year old android phone, while we pay the same amount for androids with great performance and specs. Every other flagship phone out there has better specs and performance then the iPhone 6. I mean the iPhone 6 is just a bigger flatter version of the iPhone 5s so congrats to Apple nuts whole love buying the same phone over and over , and on buying iPhones old phone again with a new look. Lol. I’ll stick to buying new phones with up to date specs and performance and great battery life. Iphone can’t come out with better specs and performance . Iphone could never never out perform android Phones because they get all their ideas from android phones so they usually are 3 years behind android with as far as performance and specs trying to match or copy androids phones. Also a lot of iPhone users may not know this but the iPhone is made mostly with Samsung parts !!

      • Had a Galaxy S3, now a Note 3… Work bought us iPhones as our work phones and I absolutely hate them.. They suck the big green weenie… Battery life??? WTF…. THEY SUCK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The iPhone costs just as much as any flagship android. That’s a dumb excuse, why would anyone want to pay the same price for the Iphone 6 which runs worse then my old 4 yr old android , for the same price as an android with 3x the ram, a quad processor over the iPhones 6’s single processor, my m8 plusses 22 hrs talk time over your iPhones 14 hrs of talk time, my m8 charges in about 1.5 hrs wayy bete then the iPhone , my m8 has a 5mp hd front canera the iPhone has the same 1.2 mp front camera along with the saaame old 8mp rear camera it’s had for years , the iPhone has half the pixel density and display screen quality, my m8 has dual stereo speakers and can play 24-bit audio and also has an great DAC which uncompressed mp3 tracks to sound better, iPhone can only play mp3’s, my android HTC one m8 has a infrared sensor to control my electronics , tv, stereo, you name it the iPhone does not, my android can download free music without having to buy crap mp3’s off iTunes, I mean come on really you saying you just chat afford it is a studpid excuse my HTC one m8 costs more than the iPhone, and actually you get a free iPhone with a 2 yr activation at most phone carriers more so then android phones, it comes down to who the hell would want to buy an outdated slow ass iPhone, over an innovative android phone that out performs the iPhone in every way possible. I mean all you saying to us is that you paid the same as I did for my Android for your iPhone with outdated specs and crappy performance , my android from 2011 had better specs then your iPhone 6 which was released just months ago.

    • @shanebg1 You are wrong, thats the new feature of Iphone 6+ & its called Ibend. I bet your phone doesn’t has it… ^_^

      • Oh is that the fancy word they gave idly for being flimsy and cheap lol. I bet your iPhone doesnt have a quad processor for better multitasking, I bet your phone doesn’t have 3 gigabytes of ram, oh wait that’s right iPhone has has 1 gigabyte of ram , I bet your phone doesn’t have 22 hrs of talk time , wait that’s because iPhone has 14 hrs if talk time , I bet your phone doesn’t charge in 1.5 hours, I bet your phone doesn’t have full hd display. I bet you iPhone can’t play 24-bit audio, I bet your iPhone only has a crap 1.2 mp front camera, I bet your iPhone runs about as well as my old android phone from 4 years ago, actually my old android phone probably still has more ram and better processor, and more battbattery life, that’s right it did, it hahad a 3,500 mah battery over iPhone 6’s 1,500 battery, and it has a dual processor over iPhones single processor, and it has 1.5 gigs of ram and this was 4 years ago the iPhone 6 just came out a few months ago and still has less ram and less speed. If you want to compare what your iPhone has to android you will look very dumb.

  15. I unfortunately have this phone. Got it last week and have been having problems with it ever since. To be honest, almost nothing has changed to suit consumers besides the size. I was totally expecting some new cool features, new ways of doing things, a bunch of bug fixes, but I see none of that. I pretty much just have a bigger iPhone5s/thinner Galaxy, which makes me realize that this really isn’t worth purchasing if I’m pretty much repurchasing my old phones. Sigh, but it was a gift so I can’t return it to Hell where it came from.

  16. Enjoy my BlacBerry Z30. Great phone with great design, great Os, etc, etc. Fuck Apple and their overpriced piece of shit phones. Owned 3 and 4 iPhones and will never buy this trash again. Sold them to idiots who think iPhones are supercool. This crap doesn’t worth the money they (Apple) want to get.

  17. My employer stuck me with an iPhone. After 1 month I have screamed and yelled enough to get a different phone. The iPhone is not made for business at all. Phone calls drain the battery very quickly. I cannot even make it through to the afternoon without charging. When I called Apple about it they told me to turn off Wifi and turn off location services, that gave me another 10 minutes. I cannot wait for my new phone to arrive.
    This is not a phone, more like a text and gaming device. The iPhone totally blows.

  18. I have had the iphone 6 for a couple months . It is terrible and as stated below by another user ” it is not made for buisness.”
    1) the calculator has no back button if you make a mistake, start all over again
    2 ) If your driving on the road for buisness . You have to click 3 times to make a phone call. once on the phone icon, then if its on recents and you want contacts , click again .Then when you find the name you want click again ,Then instead of dialing it shows all info on that contact then you have to click again to finally call. And then boom your wrapped around a semi. (not supposed to text and drive but anyone who is in buisness on long trips for hours does). AGAIN CLICK INTENSIVE
    3 ) Camera sucks compared to the android , apparently its the same as the Iphone 5 according to other sites. If you are using for buisness it is very poor.

    4) After hanging up with someone it freezes sometimes and you cant hang up.
    5) Siri feature is terrible ,always brings up wrong info or doesnt understand

    6 no back button (agaIN CLICK INTENSIVE)

    As far the post below mine on the battery ,i had the same problem ,my child pointed out to me you have to double click your home button to see all the apps you have open ,this is what is killing your battery. Swipe the apps up to make them dissappear.

  19. Apple just made it real cool looking and shiny looking, hoping that consumers wouldn’t notice the utter lack of functionality.

  20. The REAL reasons why iPhones suck:
    1. No back button…they’ve built it into the screen but it could be anywhere…takes too much time to find it
    2. No Swype…you can get an app but it sucks compared to Android
    3. You have to log into the iTunes store to download an app…wtf…stupid
    4. The keyboard is seriously ridiculous…all upper case…wtf…Android would never opt for something as stupid as that
    5. Everybody knows about the battery problem…No way to replace it…ok buy another phone
    6. All apps are first developed for Android then the iPhone…guess that’s ok if you can wait 6 months until Apple and or the developer finally gets all the bugs taken out…

    There’s plenty more…these are just the must irritating ones!!

  21. There number of features that do not exist as compared to my Samsung S4. I spent over $1000 for an iPhone 6+ and feel exactly the way I did when the IPhone first debut. I’m going back to Samsung

  22. This is how the iPhone compares to other modern day phones, the iPhone 6 has 1/3 of the ram and speed of most android phones, most android phones has a quad processor and the iPhone 6 has a single processor and sucks at multitasking , The iPhone has one of the worst batterys, most android phones last twice as long, and even have power saving options, the iPhone 6 has a 1.2 mp front facing camera while my HTC one m8 has a 5mp hd front camera which records hd video as well. The iPhone doesn’t have many camera options especially manual camera options my HTC one m8 can do all kinds of stuff and can even have its camera manually set to your preference and save it as a camera mode. The iPhone can only play mp3 audio, while most androids can play 24-bit lossless audio, the iPhone 6 does not have NFC which most android phones do, the iPhone does not have an infrared sensor to control your tv, stereo and other electronics , the iPhone has half the pixel density in its display screen, the iPhone only has internal memory which compromises your phones performance and so Apple can charge you more money, while a lot of android phones has an sd card slot allowing a 128 gigabyte memory card m to be used and you can use mulitiple cards giving you tons of memory, the iPhone can only use Apple’s patented technology and products, if you want to load songs or pictures onto your pc you must use Apple’s software, if you want a WiFi speaker you must buy one that licenses Apple’s air play if you want music you have to buy it on iTunes and mp3 quality only at that, I meN with iPhone even after you buy the phone Apple is still digging in your pockets, iPhone cannot be customized while android phones can, iPhone takes hours to charge my HTC one m8 and my gf’s Samsung s5 can fully charge in about an 1.5 hrs or so. I mean the iPhone has the specs and technology of a 4 year old android phone, I mean iPhone even adopted the look of the HTC one m8 into the iPhone 6. Android is innovative while iPhone sits back and steals androids good ideas trying to incorporate them as their own into the iPhone. And I will also ass the iPhones screen breaks very easy, about 70% of the people I know with iPhones have a shattered screen, the new Crystal screen is great for preventing scratches but cannot flex like gorilla glass and therefore it shatters easily when dropped. My HTC one m8 offers a free screen replacement which iPhone should seriously consider !!

  23. Also the iPhone doesn’t have a tab to show all your Windows that are open , and there is no back tab which is annoying leaving you to have to find it on the screen somewhere. Also the iPhone doesn’t have any quick access gestures like a lot of android phones such as a gesture to quick access your camera. My HTC one m8 can easily be turned in landscape more or sideways and hit the volume key and the camera opens right up. On iPhones you have to turn the phone on and click on the camera app, by that time you may have missed the shot. I think it’s funny how bias a lot of sites can be towards the iPhone because most of the reviewers have iPhones , and they praise the iPhone even though it is half the phone most android phones are, all because they feel the need to fit in and be like everyone else, it’s called the bandwagon effect people feel they need to be like everyone else to fit in , and no matter how obvious it is that the iPhone lacks performance and technology of any android phone out now they still for some reason feel it’s better ? Lol. I mean just look at the specs !!!

  24. Another inferiority of the iPhone 6 is that its headphone jack becomes loose and disconnects very easily with mic headphones over time. There have been forum posts about fitting in some kind of rubber ring in order to fasten the headphones in more snug, but any kind of ghetto workaround to accommodate this shoddy design flaw is a massive failure. Also over time the Lightning port loses connection and will only charge at certain angles. The Lightning port is too small and unreliable in terms of maintaining its connection over casual phone use over just a mere few months.


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