Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bringing New Interesting Features And More Durable Water-Resistant Body

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is getting its hype more and more. First leaks reported that it will have a 5.7″ QHD Super Amoled display and a water-resistant body. This time, leaks are software related. Every time a new Samsung Galaxy S or Note device releases, it brings a bunch of new features that are designed to make your life easier and better.

The Galaxy Note 4 is said to have four new features: Smart Fingerprint Scanner, Multi Network Booster, Swipe to launch Motion and Aqua Capture. Smart Fingerprint Scanner will allow the user to do more functions that than what the Galaxy S5 can do.

The GS5 can already make payments using the fingerprint scanner so the new feature of the Note 4 will allow to do even more interesting things.


Multi Network Booster will be the same as the Download Booster on the Galaxy S5 and probably will make download speeds even faster. Swipe to Launch Motion will allow the user to launch different applications when the screen is off like on the HTC One M8.

One one of the most interesting features is Aqua Capture option. Aqua Capture will be a camera feature that will allow to record videos underwater with the highest quality possible.

This is the same feature as on the Galaxy S4 Active. This means that the Galaxy Note 4 might be more water-resistant than the Galaxy S5 and might be more durable on deeper places. Even though not new, it is good to see a device that has all the features that are actually useful and not “gimmicks’.


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