Samsung Galaxy Note 3 wins the drop test battle vs. iPhone 5S

Another generation of smartphones, another drop test time. This time the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will face the iPhone 5S in this test of survival. Many of you are probably saying the iPhone 5S will beat the Galaxy Note 3 because it has a much smaller screen, 4″ vs 5.7″.

But the results of this drop test were very surprising. In the back drop test, the Note 3 fared pretty well but the glass part of the iPhone cracked. In the side drop test, the phablet just got some nicks and scratches. The same thing happened with the iPhone 5S.

When it came to the front facing drop test, the Note 3 didn’t get a scratch whereas the iPhone 5S screen totally shattered.

So a case is really recommended for the iPhone, but even for the Note 3. Better safe than sorry.


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