Enjoy Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features through Experience app

If you are thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, first you should check out all the features that this phone has. And the Note 3 has some really cool features.The best way way to check them is through Experience app from Samsung.

Basically, this app gives you the opportunity to test some of the most important Galaxy Note 3 features and applications, just like an emulator. Once you open this app, a cool little video will show up highlighting specifications of the device.


After the video, you can choose between various options like Business, Technology, Travel, Lifestyle. Social and more. After you select your favourite options, all features and apps for that category will show up. Then you can check all of them. For example, thanks to the emulator that the app has you can test Multi Window, Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, Pen Window etc.

If you want to check it out, download Experience app here.

Are you going to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 anytime soon?


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