How to Check the Health of Your iPhone’s Battery

After you bought your new iPhone, its battery would probably last 24 hours without the need to recharge. You could stream videos and browse all day without any worry. Your iPhone battery uses lithium and any lithium battery degrades with age.

As days go by, the ability of your battery to keep charge dwindles and you find yourself recharging more often. Sometimes the trick of making sure your iPhone works great is to do an iPhone factory resetTo know if your iPhone needs a battery replacement, first check the health of the battery through the following steps.

Use the battery health feature

If you are using an iPhone 6 and all the way above to the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is a feature that shows the health of the phone’s battery. To access this feature, go to Settings, then to Battery and open Battery Health. You will be able to tell if the battery is healthy or not.

Check the performance management feature

The performance management feature is found on all the latest iPhone versions including the iPhone 12, 11, X, 8, 7, XR, SE, and more.

This dynamic feature ensures maximum performance of your battery and prevents sudden shut down when the battery fails to supply continuous power. As long as the feature is on, you might never know if your iPhone’s battery is healthy because the feature will keep boosting the battery’s ability to perform to the maximum.

Any iPhone model running on version 12.2.6 and below comes with the feature disabled. It is only enabled if the battery shuts off unexpectedly. By turning the feature off, you will be able to tell if your battery is in good health or needs replacement.

Use the maximum capacity feature

On the screen displaying your iPhone’s battery health, there is another feature called maximum battery capacity. Once you buy and switch on your new iPhone, this feature becomes activated and records the initial battery capacity.

The feature will display the percentage of your battery capacity when the phone was new and the current capacity when the phone is X number of months or years old. The feature displays this information by determining the aging of the lithium in the battery.

Lithium loses its ability to store charge as the chemical ages. That means the battery will keep the charge for a few more hours than when it was new. If you bought your iPhone a few weeks or months after it was manufactured, the battery capacity could show 100 percent.

If you bought the phone ten months after it was manufactured (even if it’s new), the battery capacity might show something like 90-95 percent because the lithium is chemically degrading even though the phone has never been switched on.

If the battery displays anything above 80 percent, you should be able to recharge it at most 500 times before it loses its ability to keep the charge and that can be about one year.

Be keen on warning signs

Your iPhone is built to perform to the maximum always and that is why Apple included features to warn you so that you can take the necessary action. The following warning messages are important to note and act upon.

Normal performance

If your iPhone’s battery life is no longer able to perform to the maximum and you haven’t yet activated the features that help you manage performance, your phone will display a message warning you that your battery is now working under normal peak performance.

Performance management active

The newer versions may come with the feature active but if the iPhone is triggered to apply it, a warning message will display like this:

“Your iPhone experienced a sudden shutdown due to the battery’s inability to deliver the required maximum power. The iPhone’s performance management is now applied to prevent this action from happening again in the future.”

Unknown battery health

Because of some system problems, your iPhone may fail to detect the health of the battery. If such a situation happens, your iPhone will warn you through a message.

“This iPhone cannot currently detect the health of the battery. You may visit a service provider that is authorized by Apple”

The reason for this failure can be because the battery is not installed properly, you used an unauthorized battery or there is an app that is interfering with the iPhone features.


The advantage of using an iPhone is that the gadget ensures every app installed and every feature performs maximally just the way Apple intended. Almost every iPhone, regardless of type or the version of the iOS, maintains performance consistency. To help your iPhone maintain its performance, ensure the battery is healthy. When the battery is healthy, your user experience on the iPhone will not be compromised.



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