Improve Multitasking Experience on Android with a Better Task Manager

Do you know that if you install a better task manager on your Android phone you can improve the multitasking experience? Android devices have a decent task manager where Samsung’s one stands out because aside from viewing recently used apps you can also watch how much RAM is being used and if you want,  you can close all apps to free up RAM.

Nexus devices have a simpler task manager. You can only view recently used apps and you have to remove them one by one because removing them all at the same time isn’t possible.

But a third-party task manager can easily fix these problems. It can add a lot more simple but important actions which can drastically improve multitasking experience. One of these task managers is also Fancy Switcher.


Fancy Switcher is probably one of the best task managers you can find on the market. It has many features which make it unique. The included app switcher shows the apps on a horizontal order unlike stock task managers which show recently used apps on a vertical order.

It has two design styles you can choose from: Classic, which is very simple and Coverflow, which has an interesting animation when scrolling through apps.

There is also Smart Slider functionality. This feature allows you to directly open the last used app. You simply swipe on the sides and the app will automatically launch. You can choose your preferred side to swipe and also change the sensitivity if you find it coming out unexpectedly very often.

You can make Fancy Switcher your default task manager instead of the native one and you can also change the background color.

Download Fancy Switcher for Android here.

You should try this task manager if you want to improve the overall multitasking experience.