Improve LG G3 Camera Quality (Enable Slow Motion Video Recording) (How To)

The LG G3 has a 13 MP camera with a lot of useful features to make photos sharp and detailed and videos high quality. The 13 MP camera on the LG G3 can record Ultra HD videos with stereo sound. Some of the features the LG G3 camera has are optical stabilization, dual LED flash and phase detection & laser autofocus which reduces the focus time.

LG has released a video which shows how to take photos like a true photographer with the G3. The only thing you have to do is to press the shutter button and take pictures. According to LG, the camera is so good by default that you don’t need to improve it.

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Even though most of the users are happy with the image quality that the LG G3 offers by default, there are professional photographers who aren’t happy with the current camera app. It doesn’t have to be a professional photographer, maybe even a normal user who expected more from the camera app LG G3 can distinguish a few problems.

improve lg g3 camera enable slow motion

The main problem is the 4K bitrate. The stock bitrate for 4D Ultra HD videos is 30mpbs which looks alright on smartphones but when you watch the video on a 4K  TV or monitor you can notice pixelation due to the low bitrate. Also, the camera can only record 1080p Full HD videos at 30fps. This means that the LG G3 cannot record slow motion videos.

To record slow motion videos, the framerate needs to be at least 60fps. The good news is that LG G3 supports Full HD videos at 60fps, it is simply disabled by the manufacturer. There is a mod which  increases the bitrate for sharper and clearer videos and also enables slow motion video recording.

Download camera mod for the LG G3 here.

How to install:

1. Download the zip file and extract it. You will get a media_profile.xml file.

2. Using a good root file explorer go to System > Etc and delete the current media_profile.xml file.

3. Copy and paste the modified camera file.

4. Reboot your phone.

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Now you will see a big improvement when it comes to quality and you will able to record slow motion videos.


  1. Thanks for your suggestions, I’m concerned about your article, I need just of ice, it is possible that the file operation samzat done without root device? , I understood the whole time so that (without root). annoys me the original camera behind a cat at the same time I do not want to lose your warranty. Please advise me what dělělat, I have a good quality file viewer X-plore, but which can not delete the file.

  2. This unfortunately soft bricked my phone after I rebooted, so just a warning to those who may want to try it.


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