How To Remove 5 Minute 4K Camera Recording Limit on Galaxy Note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has one of the best camera sensors in the world. It produces high quality pictures that no other phone besides the Samsung Galaxy S6 can take. Captured pictures are detailed and can be zoomed in without loosing any quality thanks to the high-resolution 16 MP camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a 16 MP main camera which can record 4K videos, 1080p videos at 60fp and slow motion videos. However, if you have tried the 4K video recording on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you have probably noticed that video recording stops after 5 minutes. This is a limit set by Samsung which basically allows only 5 minutes of 4K video recording.

Since this is a software limit set by Samsung, it can be removed with root access. Recognized contributor kevinrocksman, has done exactly this. It has modified the camera file of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and has removed the 5 minute 4K recording limit. With the modified camera file you can record up to 1 hour of 4K videos, 30 times longer than before.

Besides longer 4K recording time, Project Super Camera increases picture quality from 96% to 100% and 4K bitrate from 48Mbps to 68Mbps.

How To Remove 5 Minute 4K Recording Limit

You need to be rooted. You have to replace the stock camera file with the modified one and this requires root access. Here’s a guide to help you root your phone.


  1. Extract the zip file to get an XML and APK file.
  2. Install ES File Explorer on your phone and navigate to system/apps/SamsungCamera4/.
  3. Move the original APK file inside the folder somewhere safe, in case you want the original camera app without any modifications back.
  4. Now copy the new camera APK file to SamsungCamera4 folder.
  5. Go to /system/etc and copy the XML file. Set permissions to rw-r-r and reboot your Note 5.

You have installed the camera mod successfully. Enjoy improved and enhanced camera quality on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


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