How to Put your HTC One M8 to Sleep Without Pressing the Power Button

Put your HTC One M8 to sleep without having to press the power button. The M8 is an exellent device. It has amazing build quality, fast processor, gorgeous display and many software features. Even though it has so many good things, there is something that has been annoying for many users since the original HTC One X: The Power Button .

The power button is located on the top of the device. This makes it difficult to reach it because you have to stretch the hand up to click it. It was a problem on the HTC One M7 and now it is even harder on the HTC One M8 which has a longer body than its predecessor. So even putting it to sleep is a headache.


A developer which has this device has found a solution about this. Instead of pressing the power button, you can put your HTC One M8 to sleep by swiping on the navigation bar with the help of a simple mod called  sweep2sleep.

Download sweep2sleep mod for HTC One M8 here.

Installation and Uninstallation

To install this mod, simply put the zip file on the phone and flash it through recovery. To uninstall it (if you don’t want it anymore), type the code below while in Recovery Mode.

adb shell rm /system/lib/modules/s2w_mod.ko /system/etc/init.d/40s2w

That is it. Now you can put your new HTC One M8 to sleep by swiping your finger from right to left on the navigation bar.


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