Download Samsung Galaxy S5 boot and shutdown animation for the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. Since the GS5 firmware has been leaked there have been many ports of different applications, features wallpapers and ringtones. Now, it is time for boot and shutdown animation to also be available for the predecessors.

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These two animations work both on the Galaxy S4 ans well as on the Galaxy S3. However, on the Galaxy S3 animations are a little laggy and not as smooth as on the GS4, primarily because of slower specifications. Nonetheless, it works.


Download Samsung Galaxy S5 boot and shutdown animations for its predecessors here.


1.Rooted Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3
2. Custom Recovery installed

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To install, download and copy the zip file on your phone’s internal memory. Then turn it off and flash the animations through Recovery Mode. Make a backup of original animations in case you change your mind and want the original ones back.

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