How To Fix Galaxy S5 Screen Display Problems

How to fix display and screen problems on your Samsung Galaxy S5. Many users have reported different problems with the display like screen burn in, dead and stuck pixels, screen freeze, yellow or blue tint and more. Some of these issues are hardware related and some of them are software related.

Not only the Galaxy S5 but also other Galaxy devices experience these issues a lot mainly for the fact that they all have Super AMOLED displays and Touchwiz skin firmware. Here are the most common Galaxy S5 display problems and how to fix them.

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1. Stuck and dead pixels

Dead pixels is one of the most common problem for Galaxy S5. They look like very small bright dots and are noticeable on black backgrounds. The Galaxy S5 has a high-resolution screen so the dots are very small but they can still be seen. Download Stuck Pixel Remover.

fix screen display problems galaxy s5

Open the app and activate it. The screen will show and change colors very quickly. Leave the app running for about 30 minutes and then see if stuck pixels have been removed.

2. Screen wake up lag

Screen wake up lag is another common problem with Galaxy devices. The main reason for this problem is Touchwiz firmware. It slows down the Galaxy S5 and it takes a few seconds for the screen to turn on. Follow the guide how to fix screen wake up lag.

3. Screen freeze

Sometimes, the screen freezes and you can’t do anything. Even if you press the home or power button, nothing happens. In this case, the phone is overloaded and cannot work properly. Remove the back cover and pull out the battery. Wait for 15 seconds and put the battery back in.

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See if any application is overloading the phone and if you detect any app, delete it. This will prevent future freezes. There’s also screen burn in problem which unfortunately cannot be fixed. In order to prevent it from getting worse, don’t use the same wallpaper background over and over again.


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