How To Switch From Custom Recovery To Stock Recovery

How to easily switch between custom and stock recovery. A custom recovery is a necessity for users who wants to install custom ROMs, kernels and mods. A custom recovery can do all this while a stock one doesn’t. You can only wipe dalvik cache, wipe data  and a few other things.

The most important feature about a custom recovery is Install ZIP file. This allows you to install a ROM and different mods straight from your phone without having to use your computer. One downside of using it is that it breaks OTA updates.

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If you install a custom recovery you cannot update your phone through OTA and most of the updates manufacturers release are through OTA. If you want to install the update, you need to go back to stock recovery, get the OTA and then install the custom version again.

switch stock custom recovery

This method has been used for years and although it works great, it is a long process and time-consuming. That’s why a developer has created a simple app which allows you to switch from stock to custom and the other way around.

It works on all Snapdragon devices with the following structure:


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The way this app works is very simple. You have to download two recovery images: the stock and custom one and put them inside internal memory. The open the application and select which file you want to install. Download Simple Recovery Switcher.


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