How To Fix Camera Not Focusing on Galaxy S5 Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a very good phone with features that other smartphones don’t have. It comes with a new camera that until now is the best camera that a smartphone can have. With a Full HD screen, the pictures on the Galaxy S5 look amazing.

But even though it is a good phone and has a lot of features, improvements and an amazing camera, it also has its own problems because nothing is perfect. All the devices have their own problems. The same thing is with the Galaxy S5.

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An issue that Galaxy S5 users are facing is that the camera won’t focus at the right place. When you tap the screen to focus something just a few meters away, a green circle will appear so you will think it’s focused but in fact it’s not. It is still really blurry. This is an annoying problem that is reported by many Galaxy S5 users. It seems like the lens is not moving far enough to get a sharp picture.

A simple solution that has been found to this problem is to focus on something really close and then try to focus to that thing you want to take a picture. This has helped many users to take good pictures, but it’s a little annoying because sometimes you want to shoot fast and in this case this is a big problem. You may lose your picture from not focusing well.

Sometimes a specific app can get corrupted. In this case the camera app can be corrupted, or exactly the focus feature is corrupted, that’s why your phone doesn’t focus correctly. You have to clear the camera app cache if you want from your camera app to take good quality photos and to focus correctly. To do this go to Settings > Application Manager > All Apps and then find the Camera app. Click on it and clear cache. This is like a factory reset for your camera. Restart your phone and your camera should work fine.

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If you clean the camera app cache and the problem still exits, maybe there is an installed app that it is causing the problem. Reboot in safe mode and see if the problem still exists. Safe Mode will disable all your installed apps. If the problem doesn’t exist in safe mode, one of your installed apps is causing the problem. Try uninstalling one by one the installed apps or simply make a factory reset. This is more efficient than uninstalling apps one by one.


  1. It seems that your tip on clearing cache works pretty fine until now. I was getting angry about this problem. It’s obvious, but I hadn’t thought about it. Thank you very much.

  2. I was having this exact problem with my note 4. I went as far as to call my carrier and request an exchange, the only problem was they wanted to send me a refurbished model. Seeing that my phone was less than 2 weeks old I tried clearing the data and the cache on the camera app then rebooting my phone. Ever since then my camera and it’s focusing problem have gone away. I was a little shocked that it could be solved by such a simple task but it worked and still is working now. Thanks for your tip. Nite 4 owner.


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