How To Enable Call Recording on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Call recording is a useful feature. It allows you to record a conversation with someone while during a phone call. Most of smartphones are capable of call recording, even though only a few have the option to actually record phone calls.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the latest masterpiece by Samsung. It has top of the line specifications, high-resolution screen, latest processor and high-quality body materials. It doesn’t struggle when it comes to software features either. Samsung made sure to pack as many features as possible on the firmware. But there is one thing that the tech giant left disabled, and that is call recording.

Every Galaxy phone has the ability to record phone calls but Samsung decides to disable or better say hide this capability. No one knows why Samsung implements call recording feature when it is always disabled, but we know that it can be easily enabled with a simple app.

On the past we have talked about how to enable call recording on the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5 and Note 4 and Note 3. All it takes to enable call recording is an application created by dr.ketan, a well-known developer for the popular custom ROM with the same name.

How To Enable Call Recording on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

After some testing done, the app appears to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 too. You need to have a rooted Galaxy Note 5 and the app which enables the feature. The app doesn’t modify or adds any custom code. It simply adds a button for native call recording.

  1. Download Native Call Record APK (link)
  2. Install the APK file on your Samsung Galaxy Note 5.
  3. Launch the app and press on “Enable Manual Call Record”. Make sure you have root access.
  4. Then call someone and you will see the record button.

Press the button and the conversation will be recorded. All recorded conversations can be found on the audio folder.



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