Enjoy Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

There are many ways to improve the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, some require root and some don’t. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is already powerful and amazing. It is one of the most powerful devices in the market right now and it doesn’t look like there are many phones that can compete.

But as we have said many times already, no smartphone is perfect and the Galaxy Note 5 is not an exception. There are many ways to improve the Note 5. You can edit some lines to improve RAM management or install camera mod to improve 4K recording quality.

To do these things, you need to install special apps or flash things using a recovery. There is a better way to improve and modify your Galaxy Note 5. Xposed framework has just hit the Galaxy Note 5. If you don’t know what Xposed is, it is a framework that you install on your phone which then allows you to install modules which add different features.

Wanam has released an updated version of Xposed which adds support for Samsung Galaxy Note 5 on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.

How to install Xposed Framework on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

For this time only you need a custom recovery so you can flash Xposed. Once you flash Xposed, you will no longer need a custom recovery to use the framework. Here’s a guide on how to install TWRP on Galaxy Note 5.

  1. Download Xposed Installer APK (link).
  2. Download Xposed Framework zip file (download).
  3. Install Xposed Installer on your Note 5 as a normal application.
  4. Turn off the phone. Boot into recovery mode and flash the framework zip file.
  5. Reboot your phone and launch the Xposed Installer app.

Now you can install modules and activate them from Xposed Installer app.



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