GTA 5 Officially Coming Soon To PC

It’s official! GTA 5 is coming soon to computers! Many users are eagerly waiting for this game to come to the PC platform. GTA V has been available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for 4 months now and Rockstar haven’t said anything about it coming to computers.

The company just said that it will come soon for this platform and nothing else. This left PC users waiting anxiously for months but finally, the good news has arrived, even though not officially.

Amazon, the famous online store has just listed GTA V and you can buy it right now!


The price is 60 euros which is cheaper than the console version. Apparently this is a bug from Amazon’s side because Rockstar has yet to officially announce this game for PC. Being a bug, this game won’t be listed for a long time,  so make sure to get it now.

Go to Amazon’s site to check out the listed game.

GTA V is a game with amazing graphics, real cars and real-life based city. When it comes for the PC, it will be even more popular than what it already is.


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