Nexus 5 Coming in 6 Other Beautiful Colors

Right now, there are only two color versions of the Nexus 5: black and white. The white version, aside the white back has a white earpiece and glossy sides.

Some are calling it the stormtrooper Nexus 5 because of the white & black combination. However, LG has planned to release 6 new colors: Purple, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and Blue.

So in total there will be 8 different Nexus 5 colors you can choose from. The Nexus 4 in the other hand was available only in black and later received a white update.


LG acted faster than Samsung in this case because the second company launched some new colors for the Galaxy S4 like pink and blue a few weeks ago, or 8 months after the release of the device. However, it took LG only 3 months to release new colors.

If you have yet to buy a LG Nexus 5, which color will you choose?


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