How To Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers for Nexus 6

You can do a lot of amazing things with your Nexus 6 like unlocking the bootloader, rooting and installing custom ROMs. While these are some of the key things that make Android phones so popular, users always forget to do one important thing which is installing ADB and Fastboot drivers.

You may know how to install a ROM or a mod but most of these processes require a computer and if your computer doesn’t recognize your phone, then you will be unable to finish the process. ADB and Fastboot drivers allow your computer to recognize your phone as a device.

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When your computer recognizes the phone, then you can use Fastboot commands to install a mod or a ROM. Installing the required Nexus 6 drivers for the computer is not a hard thing to do.

adb fastboot drivers nexus 6

To install nexus 6 ADB and Fastboot drivers for the Nexus 6 you have to download the full Android SDK. Go to the link here, scroll down to SDK Tools Only and download the right SDK drivers for Windows, Max OS X and Linux.

Download the file from the link above and extract it. It is recommended to extract the zip file to the Desktop as it will be easier to execute commands.

  1. Go to the extracted folder and run SDK Manager.exe file.
  2. Install the following packages from 4 available:
    • Tools > Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-tools
    • Extras > Android Support Library, Google USB Driver
  3. On the main folder called android-sdk-windows, there is a folder called platform-tools.
  4. Open command prompt and enter the following commands: cd Desktop/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools and adb version.

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If it says Android Debug Bridge version, this means that you have successfully installed ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Nexus 6.



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