Download all Galaxy S5 features like S5 Settings UI, One Handed Usage, Lock screen, Smart scroll, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Download Booster, ToolBox and more on your Samsung Galaxy S3 now. Samsung decided not to update the S3 to latest version of Android, KitKat because apparently it doesn’t have the right hardware.

Samsung says the S3 isn’t able to handle KitKat because it has only 1 GB of RAM, even though KitKat is designed to work on devices with 512 MB of RAM. The reason for this is because Touchwiz is very heavy bloated. Fortunately, developers have ported the KitKat firmware to the S3 and you can enjoy all the S5 features.


To get all the features on your phone, you have to install KitKat port. Installation link.

Here is a list of what’s working:

– S5 Settings UI
– One Handed Operation
– S5 Lock screen
– Smart scroll
– S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
– S5 Download Booster
– ToolBox
– Easy Mode Launcher

Download applications and features here. Download the zip files, put them in your phone and flash them through Recovery Mode. Reboot your device and all features should be installed.

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  • BrySeye

    Does it work on Cyanogenmod for the Galaxy S3?

    • It works only on stock TouchWiz firmwares.

  • Nick

    My S3 isn’t rooted. Does it need to be?

    • Nick

      Also, it is a Sprint S3, does it need to be the international model?

      • Yes, it need to be rooted and unfortunately it needs to be the international variant.

        • john

          is there any defects like camera dosent work or some apps dosent work, and what do you mean by international variant.

  • The camera and all applications work fine. The international variant is the device with “GT-I9300” build number. To check your version, go to Settings > About Device and see the Build Number. All American variants of the Galaxy S3 are not International.

  • Matthias

    Hi, will this work with the S3 LTE (GT-I9305) also?
    I just want to have that ultra power saving mode…

    • It hasn’t been tested on the LTE version of the S3. It might work but there is a high chance that you might brick your phone.