HTC One (M8) Coming Soon – Will Have Ceramic Body

The HTC One M8 is considered as one of the devices with the best build quality. It has a full aluminum body which feels sturdy and premium in the hand. Yet, latest leaks are reporting that HTC is in the process of creating a One M8 Prime which will have a ceramic body and improved specifications.

Apparently, the One M8 Prime will have ceramic body because this material is easier and cheaper to manufacture and at the same time offers a great durability, even more than aluminum. Apart from new body materials, the M8 Prime will have a new and faster processor, 3 GB RAM and 5.5″ 2K LCD display.


Another change the new device will have is the camera. The original M8 has been criticized for its low 4 megapixel camera which HTC calls it “Ultra Pixel”. Users have not been happy with the camera performance so a higher megapixel sensor would make sense.

There are still no official words about the M8 Prime but based on the leaks it will launch on September. This is the same month Samsung is going to release its own Prime device, the Galaxy S5 Prime. Which device will be better? The Galaxy S5 Prime with aluminum body or the M8 Prime with ceramic body?