Backup And Restore WhatsApp Messages To Google Drive (WhatsApp 2.12.45 APK)

WhatsApp is getting so frequent updates lately that once in two days we receive the notification that there is a new app version available. Most of the updates include minor big fixes and stability improvements. In the middle of all WhatsApp versions, there are a few major updates that have brought important features.

The first major release included the web client where users could send and receive text messages directly from their computers. The second major update brought voice calling abilities. A recent update included the option to report unwanted messages and the latest WhatsApp update with version 2.12.45 brings the ability to back up messages and conversations not only on your phone’s storage but now also online.

WhatsApp 2.12.45 brings the ability to save your conversations to Google Drive, so if you have made a backup locally and your phone dies unexpectedly, your messages will be fine and stored somewhere on Google’s servers.

To enable the process of backing up conversations to Google Drive, head over to Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Backup. You will see “Google Drive Settings”. Tap on the grayed out option and choose a Google Plus profile. You can choose the frequency of updates, which can be daily, weekly or monthly.

WhatsApp automatically backs up your conversations at 4:00 am but if you want the process to start right now, you need to press the Back Up Now button. This feature comes on version 2.12.45 of WhatsApp. Head over and download the update. You can also download the APK file.


Simply go to Settings > Security > Unknown Options and install the downloaded APK file. It will automatically replace the old version of the app.


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