Download WhatsApp Plus v6.32D APK Mod

Download and install WhatsApp Plus 6.32D APK on your Android phone and get ready to enjoy a totally different messaging app from what you are used to see. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app for mobile platforms like iOS and Android with more than 500 million monthly active users.

But the app hasn’t been updated in a while. It still doesn’t have the beautiful Material design that everyone wants on their phones. If you have gotten bored on stock and usual Whatsapp app, then you must try WhatsApp Plus.

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WhatsApp Plus v6.32D is a modified version of the popular messaging app. It is better, looks better and has more functions. You have the option to choose from different colors schemes or your favorite color that you like most.

Download WhatsApp Plus 6.32D APK Mod

Once you install the modified application of the most used messaging app in the world, you will not want to go back to the stock variant. One cool feature of this app is that allows you to modify conversations separately, and that is a neat feature.

So, if you are bored from the usual WhatsApp app that you use everyday on your phone, then you should definitely check out the Plus variant. Since it is a modded application, you have to download the APK file.

Download WhatsApp Plus 6.32D APK: WhatsAppPLUS-v6-32.apk

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Before you install the APK file you have downloaded above, please make sure to uninstall your current Whatsapp program, otherwise it will not work. Also, be sure to make a full backup of your contacts and conversation history.


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