Reset Flash Counter on KitKat Galaxy S4 & Note 3

If you have ever flashed a custom firmware on your Galaxy device, you know that every time you flash something,  the counter number increases. That’s a bad thing because it avoids your warranty and if your phone has a problem, you can’t bring it to a service shop and get it fixed.

The only way to get the warranty back is by reseting the flash counter. You can reset the flash counter with the help of Triangle Away, the popular flash count reseter. This app works very well and it is very easy to use. But when the manufacturer releases a firmware update for a specific device, it closes any possible vulnerabilities that Triangle Away uses to reset the flash counter.


And this update starts to cause problems because the app can’t do its job anymore and it must find other ways on the new firmware so it can work again. That’s what happened with KitKat and Galaxy S4 & Note 3. The app worked perfectly well on Jelly Bean but not on the new KitKat update.

All users who flashed KitKat weren’t able to flash the reset counter. However, the app now has been updated and fortunately for Galaxy S4 & Note 3 users, it supports Android 4.4.2 too. Now they can reset the flash counter and have warranty again for their device.



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