Samsung Galaxy S5: Fingerprint or Eye Scanning Technology

Lately, some reports have mentioned the possibility of Samsung Galaxy S5 having an eye scanner sensor which would be placed at the front-fracing camera of the device. Until now, users have responded positively to these leaks because an eye scanner on a mobile phone was possible only on sci-fi movies.

Plus it would outperform and look more advanced than the fingerprint scanners on the iPhone 5S and HTC One Max. Since it is more advanced than a fingerprint scanner, it needs more work to put it in a smartphone, so the process of making it possible is harder. That might cause some problems.


The price of the Galaxy S5 can go higher because the eye scanner is expensive. Another reason why an eye scanner is not a really good idea is because it is not very practical. Every time you will want to unlock your phone you will have to bring it up close to your face so it can scan the eye.

The scanner won’t work in a dark place. If you want to unlock your phone in the middle of the night or you are at a party,  you have to turn the lights on. As you can see, there are problems we have to face if we want an eye scanner on the Galaxy S5. A fingerprint scanner would be a lot more easier to implement and it works in places where an eye scanner can’t.

Which scanning technology do you want to see on the new Samsung Galaxy S5?


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