Install Moto X Touchless Control, Camera, Active Notifications, Motorola Spotlight on Moto G

Some special Moto X applications have been ported and you can download them on your Moto G. Moto X has quite a few useful apps that no other Android device has. Motorola Spotlight, Active Notifications, Touchless Control , Droid Zap and Camera are a few programs that make the device special.

One of the most interesting apps is Touchless Control which basically lets you to do things with your phone without even touching it. This is a feature that makes the Moto X special and worth to be bought. Luckily for Moto G users, you can install these apps on your phone as well because these two devices are like brothers, but one is stronger.


All the programs mentioned above work with some exceptions as they require a specific version of Moto G.

Download all applications for Moto G here.


1. Disable currently stock camera.

2. Install the new camera file normally.

Touchless Control

1. Find the respective downloaded file for Touchless Control app and install it.

2. You will not be able to open it directly. You need to go to the Settings menu and you will find the option there.

Since it is a demanding feature, your Moto G battery may be able to last for only up to 6 hours and it works only on Music Edition devices.

Active Notifications

1. The same as with other apps, download the file and install it normally.

2. Again, go to the Settings Menu and you will see the Active Notifications option there.

Motorola Spotlight

1. Install file as you normally do.

2. Go to App Drawer > Widget Drawer and find the widget. Hold and put it on the home screen.

That is it. On the link mentioned above are also some extra apps such as Droid Zap and Google Now Launcher that you can install as well.


  1. Hey, why can’t I find the “Spotlight” file in the folder? I have a Moto G 2013, xt1033. Could you help me please?

  2. I found and downloaded the apk. But it doesn’t install… What can I do? Do I need any other apk to be able to install the spotlight?

    • All APKs should install normally. If they don’t, you may have to manually move the files to the System folder (requires root)


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