The LG camera has been ported to Nexus 4. Stock Android camera is quick and fast. It is decent. The problem is that the app doesn’t have many features and options making it limited when it comes to taking beautiful photos.

The well-known developer who made a mod that drastically improved Nexus 4’s camera quality, now he just ported the official LG camera to last year’s Nexus flagship device. The ported application works very well and it only has a few problems.

Of course, the basic things work perfectly well: Camera and Video Camera. Other options that are functioning are HDR, pictures while taking video, ISO Mode, Shutter Sound Off option and many more. A few things that are not working are Time Machine shot, Front Facing camera and Panorama.


Here is the full list of things that are working:

1) Camera.
2) Video Camera
3) Fixed the Video Viewfinder alignment and size.
4) HDR
5) Cheeze shutter.
6) Pics while Video
7) ISO Modes
8) Video Brightness adjustment.
9) Added Continuous Auto Focus for the Camera.
10) Shutter Sound Off Option.
11) Widescreen Screen Preview when taking HD or FHD Videos.
12) Widescreen Screen Preview when taking 8MP or 5MP Photos.
13) Slight Adjustment for Luminescence Value.
14) Retweaked for better stability.
15) Camera Opens in Landscape mode instead of Portrait.

If you want LG camera on your Nexus 4, download the file here. As usually, put your phone into Recovery mode and flash the zip file. Enjoy.

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