Install Full MIUI 6 ROM Theme Design

Install the full MIUI 6 theme ROM design. MIUI is the latest firmware version released by Xiaomi for its devices like Xiaomi Mi2 and Mi3. It has new features and applications that version 5 didn’t have. Check out the article for everything new in MIUI 6.

The first thing everyone will say when they use version 6 for the first time is that it looks a lot like iOS 7 and iOS 8. That’s because there are a lot of design elements and features which are similar to iOS. The full ROM is available only for Xiaomi devices while for other phones it will get released later.

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If you wanted to enjoy this ROM on your phone,  you had to install MIUI 6 launcher and theme. Now, you can install MIUI Express. This app turns your phone completely into a MIUI device.



Here are some of the features and highlights of MIUI Express:

Brand new MIUI 6 user interface
Enter private messaging by swiping up with two finger
Cloud storage supports voice messages
Smart IP dialing
Phone ringtone option in settings
Theme details page
Settings user interface

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Download full MIUI 6 ROM theme for your phone. This is the closest experience you will get until the official ROM gets released.


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