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In this article you will be able to download and install the official Samsung Galaxy S6 launcher APK on other Android devices. The Galaxy S6 is the hottest and most popular phone at the moment. Just to give you a rough idea about how requested and popular the phone is, millions of units have been preordered within the first week of the phone going on sale.

This comes as a result of a brand new design, faster and less laggy TouchWiz firmware, as well as new software features. If you haven’t been able to preorder the phone and can’t wait to get a glimpse of the new TouchWiz launcher, you don’t have to buy the phone.

Thanks to Android being an open source system, developers have managed to get the TouchWiz launcher APK file, optimize and make it available for other devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop TouchWiz firmware.

How To Download & Install Samsung Galaxy S6 Launcher APK

In order to successfully install the Galaxy S6 launcher on your phone, you need to have a rooted phone, custom recovery as well as a file manager with root capabilities. The stock file manager will not work because you have to put certain files in the system folder of the phone and it can be accessed only if root access is granted.

  1. The first thing you should do is to enable Galaxy S6 theme panel on your phone. Follow this guide.
  2. Now download the Galaxy S6 launcher theme, put it in your phone and flash the file through recovery.
  3. Press the menu button and enable the newly activated theme.
  4. Now download the Galaxy S6 launcher zip file which contains the APK file that you will need during the process.
  5. Extract the zip file to receive a single APK file called TouchwizHome_K.apk.
  6. Copy the Galaxy S6 launcher APK file and move it to system/priv-app/TouchwizHome_K and set the permissions as following: rw-r-r.

That is all you need to do regarding installing the Galaxy S6 TouchWiz launcher on your phone. Enjoy the new launcher, weather widget and icon pack.

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  • hellO

    hello sir may i know where to get that ported weather widget that u use base in your screenshots thanks

  • pepelule

    When I go to themes menu? touchwiz force close : ( any clue?

  • kamal

    Is this for rooted phone ? or without root can I apply this touchwiz ?

    • You need root access and a custom recovery installed.

  • Htin Aung Lu

    How can I do step 2? No link, and nothing!

    • Hi Htin, the link was down for a few moments. Go ahead and download the theme file as the link is back up.

  • Cristofoli Marco

    Acceuil Touchwiz s est arrêté plus moyen de la lanCer que faire?

  • Aminshd

    Hi naldotech

    Plz make galaxy s6 launcher for galaxy s5 no need root . Look like s launcher

    • Aminshd

      Plz answer to me ….

      It has away to do!?

      • There isn’t any method of getting the Galaxy S6 launcher on stock unrooted devices at the moment.

        • Aminshd

          No no my question is can u make s6 launcher look like another launcher (Go,nova,apex,…)

          But why!!!!! :(((((((

          I love s6 launcher and idont like root my device

          Bro plz help me

          Thanks for good website

          Good luck

  • WuTang0406

    In step 3 what do you nean by enable in the menu. I have everything correct, but the launcher/theme wont work. Please help.

    • omarmonajed

      Yeah i mean come on be more specific plz

  • Mohd Abu Zainah

    I did everything as video exactly, but it says when I press the themes button Touchwiz home has stopped working.

  • yassine haouach

    can this launcher work on the samsung galaxy A5 ?

  • Sami Alshrgawi

    can this launcher work on the Hawei honor 3c H30-U10