Install Material Design Theme on Samsung Galaxy S6

Google decided to switch from the old Holo style for the new Material Design user interface. Material Design was announced by Google featured on Android Lollipop and got improved on Android M. Material Design is the new user interface that Android is all about. It is based on cards for better functionality and the new animations make everything more intuitive.

Everyone was excited with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. These two flagship devices are the best smartphones ever created by Samsung. They both come with Android 5.0.2 out of the box and will soon receive the official Android M update.

Since both of the devices run on a version of Lollipop, they come with the Material Design UI. However, it is not the same as we are used to see on stock Android devices. The Material Design interface on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge is much more different compared to stock Android thanks to the custom TouchWiz skin that Samsung puts on the devices.

Even though Samsung has radically improved the TouchWiz skin on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the UI is the same, with similar bright blue theme colors. Many people didn’t welcome the interface on the Galaxy S6 since they were expecting a redesigned TouchWiz skin.

The good thing is that Samsung has implemented a new feature on the system core called Theme Panel which makes it possible to install custom themes and override the current interface. The theme engine is similar to what CyanogenMod uses. The user installs a theme and activates it from the theme panel, changing icons, colors and much more. You can download and install themes from the Samsung store or themes created by members.

Member cambunch has created a new theme for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge which makes the TouchWiz skin similar to stock Android. It changes the icon pack, enables stock Google keyboard and changes the theme color to look like stock pure Android.

Install Stock Android Material Design Theme on Galaxy S6

  1. Download and install the Urban theme from the theme store.
  2. Then download the material design theme. You can choose the dark or light variant: Material Design Light | Material Design Dark.
  3. Download the zip file and flash it. You can use a custom recovery like TWRP or an app like FlashFire.

That is it. Now your Galaxy S6 will be rocking the stock Android Material Design theme.



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