Improve Xperia Z2 Camera Quality With Lost DRM Keys

One of the biggest features of Android devices is the ability to customize them according to your desires. If you don’t like the stock launcher, you can download and install another one from the Play Store.

If you don’t like the current UI design, you can install other themes and if you don’t like the current ROM, you can install another completely different custom ROM which will drastically change your phone.

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In order to so, Android devices must be rooted and the bootloader must be unlocked. With most of the devices, there is no problem with this but if you have a Sony Xperia Z, Z1, Z2 or Z3 you know about the DRM keys problem.

drm keys xperia improve camera quality

Sony has announced that if an Xperia device gets rooted and the bootloader unlocked, DRM keys are lost. DRM keys are very important because they are a necessity for many system applications.

When the DRM keys are lost, camera looses some of its functionalities and picture quality becomes noticeably worse. Low light pictures are noticeably worse and the camera doesn’t take those beautiful shots anymore.

If you have unlocked the bootloader of your Sony Xperia Z1, Z2 or Z3 and have lost the DRM keys, here’s how to improve camera quality and capture beautiful photos once again.

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All you have to do is to download DRM RestoreZ mod and install it using Flashtool. There is a detailed guide on the download link. Once you have installed the mod, camera quality will be a lot better and X-Reality along noise cancellation will work again.


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